20 Best Running Shoes for Women – Nike, Adidas, Asics & More

Fall is coming up which means we’re about to get the best weather for running. If you need a good running shoe and haven’t met your soul mate yet, we’ve got a few to show you. The right running shoe can make you feel strong, fast and completely in control, whether you’re training for your first 5K or working toward your third marathon. (And if the latter applies to you, we bow down.)

The biggest reason finding a solid running shoe matters: A good pair that fits just right can help you run safely and prevent potential injuries — from blisters to fractures — that could keep you off the road for months. 

We’ve put in the miles and found the best running shoes out there — even if you’re just doing that 5K for the post-run brunch. Check out our feature on the best women’s walking shoes, too.

Shop our favorite running shoes for women, below.

ET Style’s Picks for Best Running Shoes for Women:

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