Cult-Favorite Pedicure Treatment Baby Foot Is 20% Off

Summer is just days away, so there’s no better time to get a mani and pedi. However, with some of us still on lockdown, it might be tough to get to a salon or secure an appointment. If you don’t feel comfortable going to the salons that are open, no worries there! The Baby Foot exfoliator will do the job!

If you didn’t have a chance to get your hands on the cult-favorite Baby Foot Exfoliator last summer, luckily it’s back in stock and on sale at Dermstore’s Summer Event. Treat your feet to some deep skin exfoliation and use the code SALEAWAY for 20% off. 

The Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel is easy to use, painless, and will deliver amazing results. Simply clean your feet, place them into the single-use booties, wear them for an hour, and then see all of your dead skin disappear in 5-7 days. Pain-free, this easy treatment will transform your feet and get rid of all your dry skin and callouses. The results of this foot peel will shock you! 

Make sure to order this cult-favorite product before it sells out again. 

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