Everything we know about Alicia Keys’ upcoming beauty range so far

Alicia Keys’ upcoming beauty brand Keys Soulcare aims to bring mindfulness to your beauty routine with an array of skincare and haircare products.

She’s a 15-time Grammy Award-winning artist, producer, actress and even a New York Times best-selling author – and now, Alicia Keys is conquering the beauty and lifestyle world.

Keys Soulcare, described as a “groundbreaking new lifestyle brand”, will feature a line-up of cruelty-free and dermatologist-developed products covering skincare, bodycare, aircare (we’re intrigued, too) and more.

Keys shared the news on Instagram with a video of herself describing what soulcare means to her. “Soulcare is paying attention to that part inside of you that you can’t see, that you can feel and nourishing it. Fulfilling it. Spoiling it and loving it,” she says. “That’s soulcare.”

In May 2016, Keys announced her decision to stop wearing make-up in an open letter, declaring a “no-make-up revolution”. While she has since started dabbling in some cosmetics a bit more, it’s still the bare minimum – focusing on just defining her brows, a bit of glow and enhancing her freckles. Instead, she turned her focus towards her skincare routine.

To develop the skincare products, Keys has based them on her own experiences to create efficacious formulas that also add an element of “soul-nourishing rituals” to your routine. Each product was carefully formulated in partnership with dermatologist Dr Renee Snyder, who specialises in medical dermatology.

According to Keys, there are four keys to soulcare (hence the name for the brand) – body, spirit, mind and connection.

The brand will launch with a holiday product range in December, before releasing the full collection early 2021. If you can’t wait until then, an editorial website and weekly newsletter will launch on 29 September to give fans a full 360 experience.

“We’re so busy all the time that I don’t think we create these small rituals for ourselves,” Keys explains. “Even the five minutes it takes to wash my face — when I’m able to create that space for myself I feel more beautiful, more powerful, more possible.”

While Keys is yet to unveil the exact products in the line-up, we’re sure they will revolve around a healthy and glowing complexion. Watch this space.

Main image: Keys Soulcare 2020

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