The Bliss Eye De-Puffer Works Like a Charm, and It's Only $3

Now a couple months into winter, after many long days of staring at a screen and feeling endless uncertainty inspired by the last 10+ months, I only know one thing for sure: I'm exhausted. Where I once had plenty of energy, I now waffle somewhere between "baseline fatigue" and "must sleep for three full days or else."

Unsurprisingly, my physical fatigue has taken a toll on my complexion, particularly under my eyes. And while I may no longer have a reason to put on a full face of makeup, I still have just enough energy to care how puffy and tired my eyes look — even if no one else will see me.

Enter: Bliss' Eye Got This Hyaluronic Acid Depuffing Eye Mask, the soothing $3 under-eye patches that always make me feel (somewhat) human again. 

bliss foil eye mask

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The cruelty-free, vegetable-derived serum on each of the masks helps deeply moisturize and brighten the delicate skin around the eye. I like to put them on first thing in the morning after I wash my face. The instructions say to keep them on for 15 to 20 minutes, but I often leave them on for double that amount of time for maximum impact. After removing the masks, I pat the remaining serum into my skin and go about my day — but not before checking myself out in the mirror and being utterly shocked at how effective they are. With one use, my under-eye puffiness totally disappears, and the skin around my eyes is brighter, tighter, and feels amazing. The mega-hydration boost is a result of the masks' main ingredient, hyaluronic acid, a viscous hydrating fluid that occurs naturally in the body (but diminishes as we age, which is why hyaluronic acid has become a star anti-aging ingredient).

What I like about these patches compared to the other eyes masks I've used in the past is that they're made of a holographic foil instead of a hydrogel or cellulose fiber. I find that the foil backing helps them stay put instead of sliding around my face, which is the last thing I want to be fussing with while I brew my morning coffee and contemplate my existence. However, the biggest selling point for me is the price: For just $3 per pair, I can justify stocking up on these bad boys and using them anywhere from two to three times a week. These days, it's all about the little things — and these little masks pack a huge punch. Shop them at Walmart now. 

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