The scientist who created Olaplex just released a new one-step spray that deeply repairs hair

Written by Morgan Fargo

Co-founded by material scientist Dr Eric Pressly, one of the original developers of Olaplex, Epres is a spray-on hair treatment that repairs hair damaged by heat and chemicals.

Eight years ago, Olaplex launched into salons and bond-repairing haircare officially entered our common vernacular. Co-founded by husband-and-wife duo Dean and Darcy Christal, Olaplex has since changed the face of modern haircare. Not only has the range expanded beyond in-salon treatments but the idea of repairing broken hair bonds has moved into the mainstream, with hair brands like K18, Living Proof and Redken all creating bond-building products. 

Well, today, a new bond-builder enters the market – meet Epres.

The brainchild of material scientist Dr Eric Pressly (one of the original co-developers of Olaplex) and business partner Michael Sampson, Epres is a spray-on hair treatment based on research conducted by Pressly. 

While the formula is still patent-pending (meaning the brand remains tightlipped about what’s inside), we do know that it’s acid-free and helps hair to deeply repair from chemical, heat or mechanical damage. (The exclusion of acid means that the product won’t interact with colouring or chemical treatments you may have in a salon.) 

Not only is it acid-free but Epres also uses biodiffusion technology that continues to repair the hair even after it’s dried. Once the hair is dry, it’s more difficult for a product to get into the hair shaft – with Epres, oil-based molecules are able to continue to penetrate deeper into the hair. 

The Epres hair system is comprised of a professional in-salon treatment (price not disclosed) and an at-home option, £43. 

The at-home option is one-step, which means you don’t need to do anything else to reap the repairing creds – just spray on and leave for 10 minutes or overnight. Epres suggests using it once to twice a week for optimal results. 

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Main image: courtesy of the brand

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