This Bodyweight Circuit Will Build Glutes of Steel

Your glutes can handle a lot of load, which is why you probably only really think about challenging them when you have access to barbells and a bunch of plates. But what about when you’re on the road, or at home and just don’t have time to hit the weight room? You probably think bodyweight moves aren’t enough for a stronger butt, right?

Wrong. Try this smart no-gear workout from “Glute Guy” Bret Contreras, Ph.D., C.S.C.S.*D, author of Glute Lab, and you’ll realize that’s anything but true.

By working through a circuit of seven glute exercises—including split-squats, hip-extensions, and hip-adduction variations as well as deficits—Contreras manages to fatigue every function and fiber of the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus.

Do three rounds of the following exercises, ideally in bare or grippy-sock-clad feet.

Deficit Split Squat

15 reps per side

Single-Leg Hip Thrust with Pause

12 reps per side

Extra-Range Side-Lying Hip Raise

10 reps per side

1¼ Bulgarian Split Squat

10 reps per side

Extra-Range Side-Lying Hip Abduction

20 reps per side

Feet-Elevated Frog Pump

30 reps

Quadruped Leg Swing

20 reps per side

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The Combination of Hair Products That Give My Fine, Flat Hair a Ton of Body

My Hair

For years, I couldn’t figure out my fine, wavy hair. Although I knew I had quite a lot of it, the products my friends and hairstylists would recommend weighed it down, making it look as though my hair was plastered to my skull. Luckily, becoming a beauty editor allowed me to try out a variety of products, brands, and techniques to bring my hair from limp to voluminous. Now that I’ve found the right routine, my hair is full of movement and body.

Ahead, find out the hair routine that helped my fine hair reach its full-bodied potential.

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Ashley Graham's $5 Footcare Trick Is the Perfect Way to Get a "Glistening" Pedicure

Ashley Graham’s $5 Footcare Trick Is the Perfect Way to Get a “Glistening” Pedicure

Ashley Graham is a busy mom-to-be, but even with a baby on the way, she still finds time to prioritize self care. In an interview with Elle, Graham revealed the must-know beauty secret she uses to keep her skin feeling hydrated and soft, even when she’s on the go: the Sephora Collection Foot Mask ($5).

“It’s like a sock,” she said. “It’s a foot mask, so because I’m always on the go, I never have time for a pedicure.” Graham added that she carries a heel scrubber to smooth away thick, hardened skin. “That’s why my feet are glistening right now,” she said. Such a simple and useful hack.

The affordable foot mask isn’t the only beauty essential Graham keeps with her at all times. “I use the hand masks, too,” she added, referring to the Sephora Collection Hand Mask ($5). “I just throw it in my bag if I’m feeling dry or if I feel like my cuticles need a little love. I also always travel with a cuticle trimmer. I hate skin. If I see a little piece of skin, I cut it.” Keep scrolling to shop Graham’s beauty must-haves ahead.

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How Your Body Breaks Down Protein to Build Muscle

This is Your Quick Training Tip, a chance to learn how to work smarter in just a few moments so you can get right to your workout.

At its most basic level, building muscle is pretty simple. Lift something heavy, lift it often, and over time, you’ll begin to stretch the limits of your shirtsleeves. But while most guys understand the basics to explain what they need to do to bulk up, they don’t understand the underlying process—and having that understanding can make all the difference when it comes to maximizing their gains.

When you challenge yourself in the weight room, you stress your muscles, and that stress causes microscopic tears, damaging your muscles on the cellular level. A key part of your body’s response to this “microtrauma” is the synthesis of new proteins, which are used to not only heal the damage, but also to make your muscles larger and stronger, so they can better handle the stress of working out.

To optimize muscle growth, therefore, you need to optimize “muscle protein synthesis” (MPS), and to do that, two things need to happen. First, you have to create enough muscle damage to spur repair and adaptation (but not so much that you overwhelm your body’s ability to recover). And second, you need to have plenty of raw materials (in this case, amino acids) on hand for when your body shifts MPS into high gear post-workout.

Your move: Lift to technical failure (the point where you can’t do another rep without sacrificing proper form) in most of your sets. Research shows that when it comes to stimulating MPS, it doesn’t much matter how many reps you do per set as long as you do them to failure.

Also, eat a protein-rich meal or snack every four to six hours throughout the day. That will ensure that you never shortchange your results by running short on amino acids.

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Kate Middleton Just Got Highlights For Fall & Is Basically A Blonde — See Before & After Pics

Kate Middleton just switched up her look for fall when she debuted light highlights in her hair & the royal is halfway to becoming a blonde at this point!

Kate Middleton, 37, is known for her gorgeous brown hair which is always done in a perfect voluminous blowout. These past few months, however, the Duchess of Cambridge has been slowly adding highlights to her brunette locks and her most recent highlights basically make her a blonde. Kate visited the Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity at the Natural History Museum in London on October 9, when she debuted her hair makeover and she looked absolutely stunning. Her hair was done down in its usual wavy blowout and her new highlights were a bright blonde, starting from her roots to ends. In different lighting, you might even think Kate looked like a redhead, as her hair looked more of a strawberry blonde out of the sun.

Not only did Kate look gorgeous with her new hairdo, but she also wore a super affordable outfit. She rocked a $69 skintight, long-sleeve burgundy Warehouse Pointelle Turtleneck, tucked into a pair of $109 high-waisted olive green Jigsaw trousers. A pair of deep red buckle heels completed her effortless look.

Kate has slowly been transitioning into a blonde and she first started back in June when she debuted light brown streaks to her hair. Since then, her hair has significantly gotten brighter and at this right, we’re just waiting for Kate to surface as a blonde. Kate’s not the only celeb who is switching up her hair this season, in fact, tons of celebs are getting makeovers for fall.

Bella Hadid, 23, just dyed her blonde hair jet-black, Dua Lipa, 24, debuted a new strawberry blonde hue, Cardi B, 27, went full-blown blonde, and so many other stars changed their look. You can see all of the best celeb hair makeovers when you click through the gallery above!

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Where To Get Rodan + Fields’ RECHARGE Regimen To Rejuvenate Your Skin

If you’re the kind of person that prefers a precise, numbered skin regimen over a random cleanser here and any old sunscreen there, I have a feeling you’d like to know where to get Rodan + Fields’ RECHARGE Regimen, the brand’s newest three-step routine dedicated to rejuvenating tired, dehydrated skin. If the brand name sounds familiar, there’s a chance you used Proactive while growing up, the OG formula of which was created by dermatologists Katie Rodan, MD, and Kathy A. Fields, MD. The creators of Proactive have launched a bevy of successful skincare products since, but their RECHARGE regimen takes the cake when it comes to achieving a fresh, reinvigorated complexion.

Ever a lover of three-step processes, Rodan + Fields designed the RECHARGE line with three key products in mind, the first being the 3-in-1 Super Cleanser. In addition to removing makeup, dirt, and other pore-clogging grime, this cleanser lighly exfoliates skin to improve texture with regular use. Next up is the Ultra Boost Moisturizing Treatment, a super lightweight gel moisturizer that makes you look like you got eight hours of sleep on a memory foam mattress, even if you actually stayed up all night partying, studying, or fill-in-the-blank-ing. Last but not least, the RECHARGE range rounds out with the Protect + Blur Broad Spectrum SPF 30, because yes, you really do need to apply sunscreen every damn day, all year round. This particular formula offers oil-free, mineral UVA/UVB protection, and applies like a makeup primer to give the face a matte, poreless finish.

As someone with skin that’s just as exhausted as I am, I’m definitely trying to get my hands on the RECHARGE line:

Like, hi, hello, I want skin this plump and glowy and ~fresh~. Is that too much to ask?

To snag a RECHARGE set for yourself, you’ll have to head over to the Rodan + Fields website, where you’ll find a trio of different buying options, each with their own perks and prices.

The most affordable option is the RECHARGE Regimen Launch Special ($134,

In addition to the three products, this kit also includes a free spa headband and sticker sheet. I stan a cute gift with purchase!

A little pricier is the RECHARGE Regimen + Lash Boost Launch Special ($256,, a set ideal for anyone looking to amp up their eyes:

In addition to the free spa headband and sticker sheet, this set includes the R+F Lash Boost, the brand’s eyelash serum proven to get lashes looking long, fluffy, and dark with regular nightly use. Plus, this baby works on brows, too, so it’s like getting two products for the price of one.

Last but not least, the RECHARGE Regimen Power Up Launch Special ($342, is the priciest set of all:

If you struggle with clogged pores, you don’t just want this set — you kinda need it. In addition to all three RECHARGE products, this kit comes with the brand’s Pore Prep Solution to break down grime trapped in pores, as well as the Pore Cleansing MD Tool, a powerful at-home device that an safely extract dirt straight from your pores. The tool also comes equipped with four disposable Pore Cleansing Tips, and four disposable Blackhead Removal Tips, plus a charging cord, a power adapter, and a handheld magnifying mirror. I’m sorry, but what more could you possibly want?

If you’re hoping for your happiest skin to date, investing in the RECHARGE set might just be the move:

To shop the above sets as well as all other Rodan + Fields products and regimens, check out the brand’s website today. Your skin will thank you!

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Then I Met You’s The Birch Milk Toner & The Giving Essence Are Finally Here & So Good

Exactly a year ago today, Charlotte Cho launched Then I Met You, a brand she vowed would consist of only a highly selective range of game-changing products. It launched with a balm and a face wash to start — a double cleanse routine now beloved by many — and a year in the works, Then I Met You’s The Birch Milk Toner & The Giving Essence are finally here. The two new products are all about getting brighter, better skin via the perfect combination of exfoliation and hydration, so if a radiant complexion is what you seek, Cho insists it’s a launch you won’t want to miss.

Cho, also the founder of Soko Glam, isn’t the type to just release a product on a whim; in fact, the entire ethos of her brand is built on pure connection. "It’s the Korean cultural concept of jeong, and that’s a deep, emotional connection you can have with someone, or a place, or even a thing," she shared at a recent Then I Met You Event. Why jeong? "I wanted to infuse that positive sentiment into this line…You have to have a good skincare line that delivers results, but what other positive message can I put out in it?" Cho wondered. "That’s why I created this line based on the concept of jeong, because I wanted people to be reminded and inspired to make those meaningful connections," she explained.

And just as it takes time to nourish deep connections, it takes time to achieve great skin — time spent using the right products:

Cue the brand’s second drop, the Birch Milk Refining Toner and The Giving Essence. I’m pretty thrilled about both, but the Birch Milk Refining Toner is unlike any other product in my very large skincare arsenal, and for that reason, it stands out the most. "The next two products to come to Then I Met You’ have to do with balance," Cho said at the event. "I really wanted to merge the perfect balance of Korean skincare, which is very deeply routed in hydration, and the American, Western aspect of skincare, which is very effective ingredients, usually from acids." The toner, which retails for $32, features a milky, hydrating base of birch juice, squalane, glycerin, and sodium hyaluronate, as well as a 1% of alpha hydroxy acids and polyhydroxy acids, including glycolic acid, lactic acid, and gluconolactone, to chemically exfoliate skin, helping with breakouts and reducing the look of pores and fine lines.

After cleansing, pour some toner onto a cotton pad (Or into your hands, as Cho does!) and pat onto the skin:

Most chemical exfoliants have a much higher percentage of acids, and therefore aren’t suitable for everyday use or for sensitive skin types, but the gentle yet effective 1% of AHAs and PHAs in this formula make it a great option for almost everyone. For even more hydration, The Giving Essence is the ideal product to follow up with. Retailing for $50, the essence features 80% naturally fermented ingredients to hydrate the complexion, as well as ellagic acid to brighten, and antioxidant-rich black chokeberries and red algae.

A few drops in the hand pressed into skin is all it takes to reap this formula’s hydrating, brightening benefits:

If Then I Met You’s first launch was a game-changer in the world of cleansing, their second is a wake-up call for anyone overdoing (Or under-doing!) the hydrating and brightening elements of their skincare routine. To shop the new launches separately or in a $78 Skin Balancing Duo bundle, find them available exclusively on the Then I Met You website now.

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Your Complete Guide to the Best Blushes of All Time

Your Complete Guide to the Best Blushes of All Time

Sifting through blush at your go-to beauty retailer can feel similar to using a dating app at college or in a major city: the options are seemingly endless. Like dating, in order to find your perfect match when it comes to this category of makeup, you have to test the waters to figure out what shades, textures, and finishes you prefer.

To whittle down the dizzying amount of blushes you might be considering, we’ve curated some of the best ones in powder, liquid, gel, and cream form that will give your skin a natural-looking flush. Whether you want a silky matte powder that buffs into your skin for a pop of color or a formula that doubles as a highlighter, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for on this list.

Check out our picks for the best blushes of all time, ahead.

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Here’s what happened when our beauty editor stopped straightening her naturally curly hair

After more than 15 years of straightening her (naturally curly) hair almost every day, beauty editor Lucy Partington stopped – and the results were actually impressive.

Believe it or not, my hair is naturally curly. 

Whenever I tell people that, I’m usually met with a surprised or shocked response, mostly because I straighten it every single day (unless I’m on holiday, in which case I will happily let it dry naturally in the sun) so you’d never actually know by looking at it.

I’ve straightened my hair for years. When I was at secondary school I’d carry around portable Babyliss straighteners (that were powered by a literal gas canister) to use if it became victim to even the slightest gust of wind. I think they only reached about 8°C so while they did little to nothing, it was the act of straightening that, psychologically, made me feel better about how I looked that day.

Making sure my hair was straight became something of an obsession. If even one strand dared to flick out at the wrong angle I’d tie it up, not caring that I’d spent the best part of an hour styling it. Eventually, I gave up and didn’t bother wearing it in anything but a ponytail for a good five or six years. 

Then, after a bloody good cut in 2017, I began experimenting a bit more. I learnt how to use curlers (so that meant I would dry, straighten and then curl it…) and I started wearing it down. I stopped caring so much about it being poker straight which, in itself, was a real turning point. I still had bad moods relating to bad hair, but they happened less often.

That was my normal routine until a few weeks ago, when resident curly girl and Stylist’s junior beauty writer, Ava, finally persuaded me (after almost a year of asking/pleading/begging) to let it dry naturally.

It’s not that I necessarily hated my hair curly, it’s just more that a) I didn’t think it really suited me and I wasn’t used to seeing myself look so different, and b) I didn’t have the confidence to go out in public with it; for some reason having curly hair was a real mental block for me and something I couldn’t get over. 

The first night I washed my hair using Boucleme’s Hydrating Hair Cleanser, £15, followed by Curl Conditioner, £17. I wasn’t a massive fan from the off though, simply because the cleanser didn’t foam up. I know avoiding sulphates is good and I’m not averse to it but I just don’t think that particular formula was good for my hair. I know Ava swears by it though – as do numerous other people I’ve spoken to –so maybe I’ll give it another go soon.

The next night I switched to Only Curls, using everything in this set of mini products, £30, which includes All Curl Cleanser and All Curl Conditioner. Then, while my hair was still wet, I scrunched in a 10p-sized-dollop of Hydrating Curl Crème, followed by the same amount of Enhancing Curl Gel, and left it to dry. That’s the routine that worked for me and the one that I continue to follow.

For some reason – and despite all the heat styling – my natural curls bounced back pretty easily and quickly. Ava tells me I’m lucky, and I’m actually surprised that my hair looked as good as it did pretty much straight away. I still felt conscious going out in public for the first time, and even now after doing it a few times, I don’t feel quite so polished as I usually do when my hair is straight. Whenever people compliment me or mention it, I just say it’s a journey. A real journey – which it really, really is.

I know it sounds silly but after 15 years of straightening my hair to within an inch of its life, learning to see myself looking so different is really strange and it takes some serious getting used to. But, with time, it’s getting easier and I’m slowly starting to appreciate being able to have the option of being curly or straight.

I still need to finesse my routine, but just using curly hair-specific products, coaxing curls with gel and hydrating cream, and then bringing them back to life with a little bit of water each morning genuinely works wonders and it’s a real turning point.

Maybe one day I’ll drop the straighteners altogether.

Images: Lucy Partington

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The 10 Most Valuable Casinos In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a place filled with live shows, drinking, and gambling at casinos. These establishments bring visitors unimaginable amounts of money every night, but casinos are the ones really rolling in the dough. They live off of gambling addictions and special occasions where people put money into a machine with the dream of making it big.

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There are so many different casinos in Vegas, but some of them are more lucrative than others. They attract the high rollers and elite of society with their superb amenities and setup. Keep reading to learn about the ten most valuable casinos in Las Vegas!

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10 Bellagio Resort & Casino

This hotel and casino are said to bring in a total of $4 million per year, and that revenue is due to its number of gambling centers. They have table games, slots, poker, and sports wagering, all of which make them a hefty penny at the end of each workday.

This casino even has its own Mastercard, so your credit can plummet as you rack up a bill that is more than many people make in a single year. When you have finally spent your gambling budget, then you can move on to some of their other amenities like a fancy restaurant, a day at the spa, or attend an evening show.

9 Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Caesars Palace is one of those places everyone dreams of visiting in Las Vegas, and their 2018 annual net revenue came out to $3.75 billion. This includes everything and not just the casino, but you can bet that a large margin of those profits was made there. Their feature game is an interactive gaming table where you can compete against three other people for a cash prize.

The entire design was based on ancient Rome and they have everything from mobile sports wagers to table games. You might not win the jackpot, but this casino sure is every time you decide to put down money to play one of their games.

8 Wynn Las Vegas & Encore Resort

Wynn Las Vegas operates several revenue-generating businesses, but their casino is by far the most lucrative of their ventures. They managed to bring in $104.8 million for the fourth quarter with their casino alone, which is a nauseatingly large number.

This is a five-star resort with plenty of places in the casino for people to lose their hard-earned cash. You could throw it at some table games, slots, or a multitude of betting apps that they have created. They also have a strong nightlife with a nightclub, beach club, and performances by Drake.

7 Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

This MGM resort had net revenue of $965 million back in 2018 and they continue to rake in the cash year after year. Money flies at the poker tables and you can watch as people hastily shove the last of their dollars into the slot machines.

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There is also a huge nightclub and plenty of lounges to entice people to make the journey to this specific resort. If you are hungry, you can enjoy a meal of fine dining at one of their several award-winning restaurants like Rivea or Della’s Kitchen.

6 Boulder Station Hotel & Casino

This resort and casino are run by Station Properties and it brought in a casino revenue of $174.7 million back in 2006, which is its last reported income. It is a safe assumption that this number has probably risen tenfold since that time and is still a competitor with the other major casinos in Las Vegas.

This casino might not be on the strip, but it’s obvious based on its income that it is not hurting for money. Many people stop by for their video poker, bingo, and slots. They also have several promotions running that entice potential gamblers to choose their casino as the place to spend their money.

5 Venetian And Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino

This dual property managed to convince visitors to spend a total of $357 million in their casino back in 2018. They have hired phenomenal hosts to make everyone feel like they are prime members of the establishment who might even convince you to sign up for their resort credit card.

This establishment offers a few different games that entice the crowds like stadium blackjack and imperial baccarat. They cater to luxury tastes and that fact is evident everywhere you look in this venue.

4 Luxor Hotel & Casino

This is yet another MGM resort that understands how to create a luxury casino. They managed to bring in $394 million back in 2018, and we think part of it has to do with their $5 blackjack tables. They also have games like high slots and racebooks that bring more customers through their doors.

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When guests decide they want to spend their money elsewhere, they can stop at one of their bars, eat at a fancy restaurant, or order a room and end the night sleeping on a mattress made of clouds.

3 Excalibur

This resort and casino transport you back to medieval times with their castle atmosphere. It is truly a home to kings and queens as the resort itself brought in around $328 million back in 2018.

Your royal stay continues when you head over to the casino and take your chances on mega keno and potentially win their progressive million-dollar jackpot. If that seems like too big of a risk there are also slots, poker, and racebooks where you can place bets and hope for the best.

2 Circus Circus Hotel & Casino

This casino has been around for over 50 years, and it is still rolling in cash it has earned from its business ventures. It is estimated that they bring in about $3.8 million every year and part of their steady income is due to the fact that they have their own RV park.

This casino is different because they actually offer guests a chance to learn how to play different games through their lessons. You can give yourself a chance to maybe win back some of your money by the end of your trip, or it could just give you the self-confidence to lose it all. Either way, this casino is making quite a few dollars off of your learning experience in their game room.

1 Aria Resort & Casino

This resort is fancy at its finest, which is why it brings in a whopping $15 million every year. They have every game you could imagine here as well as attentive hosts waiting on your hand and foot.

This resort even has a fine art collection, nightclub, and several live shows that are put on throughout the year. They understand what consumers who come to Vegas are looking for, and they aim to please with their phenomenal casino.

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