Bretman Rock's Best Beauty Tips From His YouTube Videos

Bretman Rock’s Best Beauty Tips From His YouTube Videos

Before he was a self-proclaimed “science b*tch,” mukbang personality (you know, someone who consumes a ton of food on camera), and Power Your Pretty Award winner, Bretman Rock was a beauty-lover who gave candid reviews on products and relayed his makeup know-how on YouTube. Four years’ worth of videos have proven to be a goldmine of tips. He’s let fans in on his secrets on how to apply blush, make eye shadow last, and get “snatched” eyebrows. Check out Rock’s best beauty tips from his YouTube channel ahead.

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Two Brides Did A Deadlift At Their Wedding As A Symbol Of Unity And Strength

  • Two brides, Lisa Yang and Wek Hernandez, did three tandem deadlifts in their wedding gowns during their wedding ceremony.
  • Fitness is a big part of their relationship, and they lift together and compete.
  • Lisa and Wek chose the move to show unity and prove that, “Individually, we are strong capable women, but together we are stronger.”

Vows. Rings. Deadlift. That was roughly the order of the wedding ceremony for two brides, Lisa Yang and Wek Hernandez. The newlyweds completed a tandem deadlift mid-ceremony and raised the bar for weddings everywhere.

Both brides wore beautiful white wedding gowns for the lift. Together, they stood on a rug in front of their guests, grabbed hold of the barbell, and lifted it in unison in the middle of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. They stood tall and held it long enough for their photographer, Eileen Meny, to capture the moment and repeated the lift a total of three times. NBD, since the plates and the bar weighed in at 253 pounds, which each usually lifts solo.

These brides steered clear from the usual matrimonial traditions and opted for something totally unique instead. “We thought about the usual candle lighting, tree planting, sand pouring, and none of those things represented Wek and I,” Yang tells Women’s Health. “We were joking about doing a tandem deadlift. At the time, it seemed ridiculous because we’re Olympic weightlifters, deadlift isn’t even our main sport. But a snatch or clean and jerk in dresses might be a bit dangerous, so we settled on three deadlifts.”

The unconventional unity ceremony was a perfect fit for the couple. Hernandez adds: “It was meant to not only be a symbol of unity but also a statement: ‘Individually, we are strong, capable women, but together we are stronger.'” ‘Til deadlift do us part, right?

Fitness is a big part of their relationship. “We’ve trained at least three days a week for the past two to three years,” explains Yang. “Wek even shared a platform with Morghan King!” Hernandez is a physical therapist, and she introduced Yang to Crossfit. Then, when Yang transitioned into weightlifting, Hernandez eventually joined in, too.

Wanna perfect your own deadlift? Here’s what you need to know:

Weightlifting sessions became date nights for the fit couple. “Weightlifting to us is very special,” Hernandez says. “We lift with our local team in Brooklyn. They’re family to us, and the whole weightlifting team was at our wedding.”

If you take a close look at their wedding party, nobody looks too surprised by the deadlift. “I think some were shocked?” Hernandez says. “Seeing our photos while lifting, one of our bridesmaids seemed repulsed?”

The guests’ reactions aren’t what stand out for the newlyweds, though. “I was just so happy and in the moment!” she continues. “I mean, we were deadlifting in Prospect Park in wedding gowns professing our love. It was awesome!”

They hope their memorable moment can inspire others, too. Yang says, “People get really intimidated by barbells, but if they see tiny Asians in wedding dresses lifting weights, maybe they can start to believe that anything is possible.”

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"Floating Tips" Are the Newest Version of the French Manicure, and You'll Want 'Em ASAP

“Floating Tips” Are the Newest Version of the French Manicure, and You’ll Want ‘Em ASAP

It’s official: the french manicure is back. However, in 2019, the classic nail style — with its instantly recognizable icy white tips — has been reinvented in more ways than we can count. Out of all the various styles, there’s one version of the design that we think will be huge this year: floating french tips. The floating french, created by nail artist Tracey Lee, takes elements of a traditional french manicure — the stripe of white, for instance — but instead of the stripe running horizontally along the tips, it runs vertical along the nail, from the cuticle all the way to the end of the nail. In fact, for this version of the french manicure, the tip is left completely bare, creating the illusion of a “floating tip.”

“I don’t feel that the french manicure ever really goes away,” Lee said. And as we’ve seen over the past several months, it just comes back in different ways. For instance, celebrities have been loving french manicures that feature neon-colored tips. We’ve also spotted reverse french manis and, most recently, negative space or jelly-effect french manicures that feel minimal yet cool. Different versions of the classic design have been seen on the red carpet, backstage at London and New York Fashion Week, and, of course, all over our Instagram feeds. Although we won’t tire of the neon hues and reversed tips anytime soon, there really is something special about the floating french tip manicure.

You don’t even need to head to the salon to try out the trend. “For many people, the challenging thing about a french manicure is creating 10 perfectly shaped nails,” Lee said. “However, it’s possible just to incorporate the french [design] on one or two nails, while the rest are full [block] color.” With so many ways to revamp it, there’s truly no wrong way to try it at home. Luckily for us, Lee gave POPSUGAR the lowdown on exactly how to achieve this at home, and how you can jump on that nostalgic french manicure train but with a fresh, modern twist.

Read on for a step-by-step breakdown, plus other versions of the design that might inspire your next set.

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10 Ridiculously Expensive Things That Julia Robert Has Bought

Julia Roberts is one of the most significant stars in the world. She became an A-list star thanks to her role in Pretty Woman, and since then, she became one of the most valuable actresses in Hollywood. Roberts became an American sweetheart during the ’90s thanks to her beauty and outstanding talent.

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The award-winning artist has a net worth evaluated at $200,000,000, according to Celebrity Networth. It’s definitely enough to live the best life that money can afford. The actress likes to invest part of her fortune in real estate, and she has some fantastic properties in several places in the US. But she also uses her money to have other luxuries only celebs can afford. Here are 10 ridiculously expensive things that Julia Roberts has bought.

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10 Malibu compound – $7,000,000

Julia Roberts bought a house in front of another property she owns in Malibu. The award-winning actress invested $7,000,000 to create a paradise for her family, according to the Daily Mail. The purchase also ended the rumors Roberts, and her husband would get divorced.

The mansion has a great view of the Pacific ocean. Roberts wanted something eco-friendly and invested in solar panels, greenhouse, vegetable patches, and beehives. It also has a pizza oven and space for a lot of outdoors activities. It sounds like the perfect place to spend time with her family.

9 Insurance for her smile

Julia Roberts is known for having one of the most gorgeous smiles in show business. Some people would describe it as a million-dollar smile. However, her smile is worth $30,000,000. According to several sources, the actress had her smile insured for that amount.

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Although it looks like an enormous amount, several celebrities and athletes insure their body parts. Some examples: Cristiano Ronaldo and his legs, Jennifer Lopez and her behind and, of course, Julia Roberts and her smile.

8 Apartment in New York – $3,895,000

In 2010, Julia Roberts bought an apartment in Manhattan for $3,895,000. The actress also has another apartment ten blocks away from that one. The building dates back to 1958. The penthouse has 2,000 square feet, three bedrooms, and a fantastic terrace. Roberts put the loft back on the market in 2015, and she sold it for $4,500,000. The initial price was $5,350,000.

The actress invests part of her fortune in real estate. She has many other properties on her portfolio, including a ranch, a house by the beach, and other properties in Malibu.

7 Oscar Gown – $95,000

In 2001, Julia Roberts received the best actress Oscar for her role in Erin Brockovich. She made history that night for wearing one of the most remarkable and expensive gowns we have seen at the Oscars.

The actress walked the red carpet wearing a black and white Valentino, priced at  $95,000. Roberts is still one of the prettiest actresses on the red carpet. This year, she chose a pink Eli Saab gown to present the Best Picture category, and she looked flawless.

6 House in Hawaii – $14,000,000

Julia Roberts loves Hawaii. While most of us would be happy to have the chance to spend time there, the actress bought a beach-front mansion in Kauai. Robert purchased the property in 2011 for $14,000. It also has a guest house. The star put the house on the market in 2015. She sold it in 2015 for $16,000, much less than the original price she asked: $29,850,000.

Although Julia doesn’t have a house there anymore, she still goes to Hawaii for vacations with her family.

5 Travel on Private Jets

Most people can’t afford to travel first class. But if you’re an A-list Hollywood star, you have enough money to rent a plane just for yourself. Julia Roberts was spotted several times traveling on private jets, which requires a tremendous amount of money.

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However, not everybody is happy about her traveling style. Back in 2010, Marcy Winograd asked several stars, including Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, and Arnold Schwarzenegger to stop using private jets. According to Winograd, they have a significant impact on the environment, and they were increasing the pollution in LA.

4 Her Ranch

As one of the biggest stars in the world, Julia Roberts is in use to be under the spotlight. However, she also needs a place to be quiet, and she found that in Arizona, the perfect place. She bought a ranch with a house that has 8,000 square-feet, three floors, and eight bedrooms. The property is near a lake and surrounded by trees.

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It looks like a peaceful location and fantastic for the children. Julia Roberts put the place back on the market for $10,000,000. However, there isn’t any information available about whether she sold it.

3 Vacations

Julia Roberts also can afford fantastic holidays… and she does. One of her favorite places is Hawaii, where she also used to have a property. Earlier this year, she was spotted in Hawaii with her whole family. They all seemed very happy.

The actress also enjoys staying in five-star hotels, like the Auberge du Soleil Napa Valley resort, famous among wealthy people. The place is known as the best place to stay for wine lovers. The hotel also has a Michelin starred restaurant, where guests can have the best wine and food pairings

2 Personal trainer

Roberts hired a personal trainer Kathy Kaehler, who helps her to stay fit.

Kaehler is famous for having many celebrity clients. That means that she isn’t cheap. Her client’s list includes Kim Kardashian and Drew Barrymore. According to the trainer, Julia’s favorite exercises can be done anywhere, and they focus on improving the body’s resistance. It seems to be working out since Julia is still looking great.

1 Her Hair

Julia Roberts is not famous only for her smile. Since she became an A-list star, thanks to her role in Pretty Woman, people all over the world would really love to have the same hairstyle as her. The person who has been responsible for her amazing hair for many years is Serge Normant. Of course, having Julia among his clients helped him to increase his prices and gain a lot of attention.

Normant reveals that the actress is not afraid of trying new things and will change up her look. But she always goes for something that looks effortless and natural.

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Can you use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun?

They look the same, they sound the same, and they even work the same way. You could almost be forgiven if you thought that a hair dryer (the one that lives on or under your bathroom counter) might work the same way as a basic heat gun (the one that lives — or should live — in the garage or in a tool kit). After all, both have motor-driven fans that blow hot air over electronically heated filaments. Both are controlled by high/low settings. 

But the doppelgangers have a significant difference — while hair dryers might be able to reach 140F at their higher settings, heat guns can get much much hotter. Tools First gives the temperature range of a heat gun between 100 to a whopping 1300F, so you can think of a heat gun as your hairdryer, but only if it was turbo-charged and able to inflict serious damage to your face and hair after just a few seconds of exposure.

You can use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun, but it won't work very well

Basic heat guns are mostly used for drying or removing paint, defrosting a refrigerator, or unfreezing locks and water pipes — all tasks which require between 350F to 1150F of heat (via Tools First). More powerful heat guns are seen as essential tools in a research laboratory, where Princeton University Environmental Health and Safety says they can be used instead of a blow torch. The site also warns that you cannot use a heat gun near flammable materials, and you should never touch the heat gun’s hot metal nozzle with clothing or skin and never direct the airflow toward a person’s body. Also, definitely do not look down the nozzle when the gun is turned on. 

So its safe to say that while hairdryers can be used in place of a heat gun in a pinch (and don’t expect that idea to work too efficiently, but it could work to defrost frozen pipes or locks), it’s definitely not a good idea to reach into your toolbox to use your heat gun if your hair dryer is not an option. 

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Burn Out Your Abs With 8 Minutes of Hollow Hold Hell

If you’re a fan of core work, you’re probably already used to doing hollow hold variations. But when performing them with an offset load, like Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. and Women’s Health editor-in-chief Liz Plosser did in this 8-minute circuit, you will light your core ablaze.

“I was dripping sweat,” Samuel says in the audio description of the video. “Still am.”

By adding weight to one side of the body, and not the other, you create an offset load. This position make it that much harder to own a solid hollow-body position, according to Samuel. Your abs and obliques will go into overdrive to keep your body balanced to prevent yourself from tipping to one side.

So grab a light dumbbell, weight plate, or even a full water bottle, and get into a hollow-body position with your arms and legs extended, core braced, and lower back pressed firmly into the floor. The weight should be in one hand, and you’ll feel it trying to pull your body to one side. Don’t let it. Samuel is using a 5-pound dumbbell here.

Hold this position for five seconds, then perform five reps of the following exercises: hollow rocks, flutter kicks, and opposite-knee sprinter sit-ups with dumbbell drive. Return to the hollow-hold, switch hands, and repeat.

Rest for 1 minute, and then repeat for a total of 4 rounds. That will add up to the 8 longest minutes ever.

To keep things even, use a different starting arm each time through. If you start to feel your form break, extend your arms a bit higher toward, or stacked right over, your shoulders to shorten the lever that’s weighing on your core. You” have some relief, but it’ll still be plenty hard.

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Skin pastes are the latest beauty buzz to hit our skincare routines

With more and more brands adapting to the whirlwind of our daily lifestyles, skin pastes are the latest innovation to deliver a super-speedy routine.

If the transition into winter is leaving your skin drier than normal and pollution is dulling your complexion (despite your rigorous cleansing routine), there are products that can help you out instantly. 

Skin pastes are quick fixes for when your complexion needs that extra bit of care. They aren’t meant to replace products from your daily skin care routine and there’s no need to use them every day. Similar to the idea of multi-masking, they can be used simultaneously on various areas of the face. 

Here’s our round-up of some pastes out there that deliver the best results…

  • Liz Earle Cica Restore Skin Paste, £29

    This skin paste helps improve the tone and texture of your skin whilst boosting hydration and brightening the complexion.

    The star ingredient is K-Beauty hero Centella Asiatica (CICA), which is known for its restorative benefits. The product needs to be applied onto clean skin and left on overnight. Come morning, your complexion will be visibly refreshed.


  • No7 Laboratories Clearing Skin Paste, £18

    With 2% Glycolic Acid, this paste is ideal for skin that feels clogged due to pollution and excess oil. You can either apply it to problem areas only, or leave it on overnight for a gentle chemical exfoliation. 

    It’s mild enough to be used on all skin types and promotes a more balanced complexion in the long run when used regularly (recommended usage is two to three times a week).


  • Lixirskin Vitamin C Paste, £32

    If your skin appears dull, look into vitamin C. This treatment can be applied every morning to cleansed skin. As well as brightening your complexion, it also works to boost the efficacy of your SPF and improves hyperpigmentation over time.


  • Malin + Goetz 10% Suflur Paste, £19

    With 10% Sulfur to actively treat spots and zinc oxide to reduce scarring, the targeted paste will help you clear any breakouts.

    Simply apply onto clean skin with the tip of a cotton bud and leave on until the paste has hardened (ideally whilst you sleep). You can then simply rinse it off to reveal a clearer complexion. 


Main image: Getty

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This Is the Exact Nail Polish Color Kim Kardashian Used For Her Recent Nude Manicure

This Is the Exact Nail Polish Color Kim Kardashian Used For Her Recent Nude Manicure

Unlike her sister Kylie Jenner — who shows her affinity for intricate nail art looks on Instagram — Kim Kardashian is often seen wearing nude or sheer nail polish shades. Manicurist Kim Truong, who created one of her most recent looks, revealed the exact polish that she used on the beauty mogul and reality star.

Truong posted an Instagram photo and Story that said she used The Gel Bottle in Tan ($19). She swept the color on Kardashian’s tips, which were filed short with a square shape.

The nail polish color falls into a family of hues (dubbed the “the new nudes”) manicurist and brand owner Jin Soon Choi previously predicted would be on-trend for Fall. “They are restrained and unexpected,” she said. “Nude shades are for those times when you want to look sophisticated without being loud about it.”

Check out Kardashian’s nude nail polish color on Truong’s Instagram and ahead.

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Sculpt Your Legs From All Angles With These Lateral Squats

Of all the many squat variations, lateral squats are one of my favorites because they fire up your posterior chain (or the backside of your body), as well as your inner thighs. This makes them an ideal move to add to your leg days, especially, but also as part of your prep for pretty much any workout.

Jewelyn Butron

As a certified personal trainer, I’m going to teach you everything you need to know about lateral squats—benefits, techniques, variations, and more. Let’s start with why you’d want to do them in the first place.

Benefits Of Lateral Squats

Lateral squats mainly target your gluteus medius—the part of your butt that makes side-to-side movements possible—as well as your quads and hip adductors (a.k.a. inner thighs).

But you’re also recruiting your hamstrings and calves too. So, adding them to your routine will help you strengthen and sculpt your lower body from all angles.

How To Do Lateral Squats

Form tips: Don’t let your knee cave in as you shift your weight to the side. Keep it tracking over the second and third toes of your bent leg, and always remember to brace your core!

Sets/reps for results: 10–12 reps on each side for 3 sets is perfect.

Variations On Lateral Squats

  • Single-leg lateral squat: Standing with both feet wider than your hips, shift your weight to the right, sending your hips back as you bend the right leg. Lift your left leg off the ground and then stand up. Going from a lateral to single-leg squat will help you improve your balance while building strength.
  • Lateral lunge: Instead of squatting as you shift your weight to one side, start standing tall with both feet together, then step out into a lateral squat with your right leg, knees and toes pointing forward. Drive through that heel to bring yourself back to your starting position. This move is more challenging for your core because it requires you to balance and stabilize during a dynamic movement.
  • Weighted lateral squat: Looking to increase intensity? Add some weights to the exercise by holding a pair of dumbbells at your chest as you perform your reps.

How To Make Lateral Squats Part Of Your Workout Routine

Warm-up: I love to do a few sets of lateral squats before I dive into other lower-body movements to open my hips and prep my legs.

Active recovery: Doing this move in between heavy squats will give your legs the stretch and relief they need while still keeping those glutes engaged.

Superset: Say you’re doing a dumbbell arm workout. If you really want to challenge yourself, hold onto your weights and alternate sets of lateral squats between upper-body exercises.

Like this move? You’ll LOVE Betina’s full get-strong plan, which comes with 10 workouts. Get it by downloading our All/Out Studio app, which features additional fitness programs from other trainers we love.

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What is microblading and does it hurt?

Eyebrows are having a serious moment. From Kendall Jenner to Lily Collins and from Rihanna to Meghan Markle, everyone wants a natural-looking brow that flatters their face. It’s hard, though, to know what route to go down to achieve this look. Tweezing, waxing, threading, and microfeathering are all popular options; however, more recently microblading has been on the rise. If you, like us, are considering undergoing the procedure, you probably want to know exactly what it is and, more importantly, whether or not it’s painful.

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo, giving you fuller looking eyebrows. Speaking to Good Housekeeping, Karen Betts, permanent make-up artist and microblading expert, explained, “Microblading is a long-lasting eyebrow tattooing treatment in which you create tiny precision hair strokes by hand, using tiny microblades. The microblades create channels that allow you to implant specialist pigment into the dermal layer of the skin to create the very finest of ‘hair’ strokes.” You’ll work with a technician to achieve the correct eyebrow shape and color for your face in your initial consultation.

Microblading can last up to 24 months

According to brow expert, Cynthia Chua, the effects can last up to 24 months, provided you care for them correctly. You’ll need a touch up after six to eight weeks to make sure everything is as it should be and to give technicians a chance to make minor changes if needed, she explained to Marie Claire. After that, though, your brows should be good for a couple of years until the pigment gradually fades away, when you’ll then decide if you want to undergo the treatment again.

In terms of how much it hurts, it really depends on your pain threshold. Hibba Kapil, founder of Hibba Beauty Studio and microblading expert, told Bustle, “It’s not painful but it’s uncomfortable. Most places, including Hibba Beauty Studio, will numb the area beforehand to prevent discomfort. If you don’t numb you can feel the scratches. I find that for most people its the screeching noise that is the biggest problem.” Ensure you talk to your technician before undergoing the procedure if you’re worried about pain.

Like many beauty treatments, when it comes to choosing your salon, we strongly recommend doing your research. Look them up on social media to get a good idea of their work and reach out if you any questions or doubts. Unfortunately, once applied, the wrong eyebrow shape is hard to fix.

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