Kylie Jenner Did Kim Kardashian's Makeup for Her Birthday Party

Today, October 21, may be Kim Kardashian’s actual birthday, but over the weekend she celebrated with friends and family with a low-key party on Saturday, October 19. And she got a very special someone to do her makeup for the occasion: her little sister, Kylie Jenner.

Best Behind-the-Scenes Snaps from Kim Kardashian’s Fashion Fittings: They’re ‘Better Than the Final Look’

“So for my birthday, I have a special makeup artist today,” the mom of four said at the start of her Instagram video on Saturday night. With her hair pulled back into a low bun, the duo shows Us a clip of their process as they finish things up with a single final touch up in the bathroom.

With Kardashian already wearing foundation, mascara and matte lipstick, the Kylie Cosmetics founder then applies a compact powder blush — likely a yet-to-be-released Kylie Cosmetics product — with a swirl of the makeup brush to the apples of the KKW Beauty founder’s cheeks.

16 Times Kylie Jenner Matched Outfits to People, Cars and Other Surroundings

At this point, Kardashian comments on the translucent powder sitting on Jenner’s face, which is still baking for her contour. “Look at your powder,” she says as they both laugh it off, enjoying the sisterly teasing.

Though both women own their own beauty brands, the 22-year-old truly has always had an extra special talent with makeup from a very young age. In fact, this isn’t even the first time she’s done another family member’s makeup.

One of our favorites was back in March when she taught her mom, Kris Jenner, how to do a “Kylie lip” in a YouTube tutorial.

“It’s about time,” the Momager joked at the start. “I’m so used to you doing it for me and now it’s time for you to teach how to do it by myself.” As Kylie overdraws the lip line with liner, the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch teased that she always goes “way over.”

Kim shared a few more quick glimpses inside her chill party on Instagram Saturday night, which included a long dining table with fun favors like “Happy Birthday” napkins, paper hats and plastic glasses with little phrases on the lenses. Overtop of two bouquets, there were pink balloons and lettering down the center of the table that read “Happy Kim Day” in gold.

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Lululemon’s "We Made Too Much" Sale Fall 2019 Is Here To Steal Your Money

If you don’t stalk the the Lululemon “We Made Too Much” Sale tab on the regular, then you and I are two very different kinds of shoppers. Because I’m nice AF, though, I’m willing to let you know when that section of the site is particularly full of cute clothes and great deals, and spoiler alert, the time is now. The Lulu site is overflowing with discounted leggings, tops, jackets, and more, so let’s cut right to the chase and start shopping, because once the stock is gone, the deals are, too.

If you’ve never heard of the "We Made Too Much" Sale, simply head over to the Lululemon website and hover your mouse over the Womens tab. You’ll see a section called "We Made Too Much," click on it, and boom! You’ll be brought to a page full of discounted items, only on sale because the company made more than they were able to sell. You know what they say: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and one store’s surplus is another shopper’s savings. There’s obvi tons of great workout gear in the mix, but as I rework my wardrobe to transition into fall, I’m more interested in all the cool joggers and jackets on sale, plus other athleisure pieces I’m more than happy to wear outside of the gym. Read on for a few faves.

Sweatpants, But Make It Fashion

I feel like I’m so over tight jeans this season, which is why the Ready Set Cargo Pant ($79, originally $118, is a must-cop for me. The comfy, casual material is machine washable and anti-wrinkle, and the pants come in three different on-sale neutral colors, so I can work them into my weekly wardrobe tons of times without looking like an outfit repeater.

Can Rain Jackets Be Chic?

Um, apparently, the answer is yes. Exhibit A? The Into the Drizzle Jacket ($179, originally $248,, a coat I’d totally wear on a perfectly sunny day, because I think it’s just that cool. Still, rainy days aren’t exactly infrequent in the fall, so having a chic rain jacket is a great call. This baby comes in two colorways, and has a chest pocket that lets air in and heat out, for when you get a little hot in your autumn layers. Lifesaver!

The Day-To-Night Dress

Oh? Apparently my new favorite dress is by Lululemon? I love their leggings, but y’all, I did not see this coming. The On Repeat Dress ($109, originally $148, has the perfect name, because I fully plan to wear this baby on repeat all season long. With cute sneakers and an oversized puffer? Yes. With combat boots and a leather jacket? Sure. With tights and over-the-knee boots to the bar? You betcha. This one comes in two different shades of gray, and weirdly, I need both.

If you thought Lulu was only good for workout gear, I’m happy to have proved you wrong with the above seriously cute pieces for fall. Keep in mind that all items in the “We Made Too Much” section are final sale! With that in mind, I hereby give you permission to go forth and treat yourself.

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Sharon Stone, 61, Looks Ageless In Sexy Lace Underwear For New ‘Allure’ Photo Shoot — Pic

Sharon Stone stars on the cover of ‘Allure’s’ November issue where the actress looks ageless in lace underwear & a bra for the sexy photoshoot!

Sharon Stone, 61, looks like she has not aged a day as the gorgeous actress stars on the November issue cover of Allure magazine. On the cover, Sharon looks flawless in a plaid suit with nothing underneath the blazer besides a black lace bra. Throughout the rest of the photoshoot, Sharon looks even sexier wearing nothing but a pair of black lace underwear with a navy blue turtleneck sweater and black ankle-strap sandals. Sharon’s legs look long and toned, as she went totally pantless in this look. Another outfit sees the star in a cream coat with nothing underneath, including a bra, as she showed off major cleavage in the jacket.

Not only did Sharon look drop-dead-gorgeous in the photoshoot, but she also had a lot to say about aging and what makes her feel the most beautiful. Talking about how she feels about her body now that she’s 61, Sharon admitted, “I like my body so much more… I’m so grateful for my body. When I was younger, everybody was telling me what was wrong with my body — too this, too that. When I got on Basic Instinct, they hired a makeup artist that put on pounds of makeup every day, and every day I went to my trailer and took the makeup off. But I wasn’t allowed to choose my makeup artist, nor was my name [above the title] on the poster.”

As for what her favorite age has been thus far, Sharon revealed, “My 40s were so beautiful. I couldn’t work because women, once they got to be 40, were not given jobs in Hollywood. I was a mom with three beautiful little boys. I was recovering from a massive brain injury, and I was in custody court constantly over my oldest child. But there was something wonderful in that period of all those challenges. And even though no one wanted to date me — no one would want a woman that had little children — it was a period of reconciliation and change, and understanding myself. It was my period of the biggest change, but the period where I thought I was the most beautiful.”

Sharon looks drop-dead-gorgeous in the November “End of Anti-Aging” Allure issue, which hits newsstands on October 29.

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Dove Announces Plan to Move to 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles by the End of 2019

Dove is proving its commitment to sustainability.

The leading beauty care products brand just announced an initiative to cut back on plastic waste, and the long-term plan will “reduce the use of virgin plastic by more than 20,5000 tons per year.”

To put that number into perspective, it’s enough to encircle the Earth 2.7 times, according to a press release.

Here’s a breakdown of the three-part promise: Dove will move to 100% recycled plastic bottles across its Dove, DoveMen+Care and Baby Dove brands in North America and Europe by the end of 2019. The Dove Beauty Bar will feature plastic-free packaging globally by the end of 2020. And reusable, refillable, stainless steel format Dove deodorant sticks are in the works.

“Dove is committed to leading the fight against plastic waste, and catalyzing change within the industry and beyond,” the press release stated. “Through these initiatives, Dove calls for collaborative, accelerated action to help resolve the world’s plastic problem, shifting both commercial and consumer behavior to turn the tide against plastic waste.”

Dove’s initiative — which will contribute to the ambitious sustainability plan put forth earlier this month by the brand’s parent company, Unilever — will directly address the fact that single-use packaging is a major contributor to plastic waste. Along with converting to plastic-free Beauty Bar single packs by the end of 2020, Dove is also working to develop the same environmentally-friendly packaging for Beauty Bar multipacks.

And while 100% recycled plastic packaging for Dove, DoveMen+Care and Baby Dove products (including caps and pumps) is still not possible in some areas of the world, the company says it “continues to search for solutions where recycled plastic is not currently technically feasible.”

Dove also announced it will trial its not-yet-launched waste-free deodorant sticks — made possible by a new technology called “minim” — using the minimal waste, direct-to-consumer shopping system called LOOP.

“Through a combination of alternative packaging materials, recycled plastic where needed, and investing in refill technology, Dove is driving the movement to create a new value for plastics and reducing the volume of plastic packaging it produces,” the press release said.

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Paul Burrell says William is headed for the ‘boardroom’ while Harry for the ‘factory floor’ as he speaks of their bond – The Sun

PRINCESS Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell has said that Prince William and Prince Harry know they have different roles and are on a very “different trajectory.”

Speaking on Good Morning Britain today, Paul said Prince William is heading “to the boardroom” and Prince Harry “to the factory floor.”

This comes as Prince Harry revealed on the explosive ITV documentary Harry and Meghan: An African Journey last night that he’s grown apart from William.

Paul explained: “William and Kate are on a different trajectory – they're headed to the boardroom, it's already mapped out.

“Whereas Harry and Meghan are headed for the factory floor – they're there to help 'the people.''

Paul, who was a close confidante of Princess Diana, said that her death understandably had a profound impact on Harry at such a young age.

He said: “When you said about Harry losing his mother at such an early age that had such an impact on him.

“I saw him at that time, I knew him, he was devastated and to walk behind his mother's coffin in front of the world was just dreadful.

“And that has an amazing impact on him.”

Speaking in last night’s programme, Harry said of his relationship with William: “As brothers, you have good days, you have bad days.”

The Sun has told how the “simmering tension” began when William questioned the speed of Harry and Meghan’s engagement.

Harry said the pressure on the royals means “inevitably stuff happens”.

He added: “But look, we’re brothers, we’ll always be brothers — and we’re certainly on different paths at the moment.

"But I’ll certainly always be there for him as I know he’ll always be there for me.

“We don’t see each other as much as we used to because we’re so busy.

“But I love him dearly and the majority of the stuff is created out of nothing. But as brothers, you have good days, you have bad days.”

On the documentary, Prince Harry said he would love to leave the UK and base his family in Cape Town/

The couple said they wish to focus their life’s work predominantly on Africa, and could even build a lodge there.

Paul said that he was fearful that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would follow through with this.

He said: "I think we're on a sticky wicket but we don't want to lose them – I love them.”

Also appearing on Good Morning Britain to discuss the royal couple was Viscountess Hinchingbrooke Julie Montagu, who, like Meghan, is an American who married into British aristocracy in 2005.

She said: “Yes we speak the same language but we have totally different cultures,' she continued, explaining that she still sometimes feels out of place compared to those born into the higher echelons of British high society.

“At the end of the day, Harry lost his mother aged 11 and now he feels he's protecting his wife and family.”

Harry and Meghan were interviewed by ITV’s Tom Bradby for a documentary about their recent ten-day tour of Africa with son Archie.

During Harry & Meghan: An African Journey, the Duke and Duchess both spoke of the difficulties of life in the spotlight.

The programme also included Meghan blasting the British “stiff upper lip” saying she doesn’t want to just survive, but "thrive".

And another clip showed her holding back tears as she revealed her ‘struggle’ as a ‘vulnerable’ pregnant woman and new mum.

The couple also revealed that baby Archie finally ‘found his voice’ on African Tour and became chattier than ever.

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Find out if your eye cream is working and how to shop for the right one with our expert tips – The Sun

Keeping fine lines at bay, de-puffing and combatting dark circles… When it comes to taking care of the skin around our eyes, the struggle is real.

“This area of skin is up to five times thinner than the rest of your face – there are fewer oil-producing glands and lower collagen levels compared to the rest of the body,” says Janette Ryan, Vichy education and training manager. Cue: eye cream.

But how do you know if yours is working? And how do you shop for the right one? Read on for firmer, smoother, brighter peepers.

 How to apply eye cream

Before you give up on your current eye formula, check you’ve been using it properly. First, ensure you’re applying it at the correct time of day according to the instructions (night time or morning and night) and at the right stage in your skincare regime. “Always apply eye cream before your moisturiser,” says Janette.

"This should remind you to avoid the eye contour with your moisturiser, as too much product on such a delicate area may cause congestion and lead to puffiness.” And remember, because the area you’re working with is so small and the skin is thin, less product is more.

“After cleansing, take a rice-grain-sized amount and apply it to the bone surrounding the eye contour,” she explains.

“Dab it with your ring finger, working from the outer corner inwards, then across the upper eyelid. Finish with a smoothing movement from the inner corner outward.”

If you use yours in the morning, give it a few minutes to sink in before you apply any make-up so that it can get to work properly.

How to choose the right eye cream

Your skin type around the eyes is…

Sensitive Opt for a lightweight balm, gel or serum and look for products that have minimal ingredients – Janette recommends 13 or fewer. “Products that are free from fragrance, alcohol and colourants are best for eyes that are prone to irritation.”

Dry “Go for a rich, creamy texture, as this will provide the skin with more comfort on application, as well as nourishment,” says Janette.

Are you getting results?

If you’ve been using the same eye product for a while but aren’t sure if it’s working, check how your skin feels in comparison to when you first started using it. “You should notice a difference in texture within the first week,” says Janette.

“The skin around your eyes should feel smoother and dehydration lines should be starting to disappear.” If you are prone to puffiness, though, hold your horses – it can take up to four weeks to see a change and dark circles may take up to eight weeks to fade.

“If your eye cream is working, your skin will feel softer, the eye contour will look brighter and fresher and your eyelids should look less swollen,” explains Janette.

“If the eye contour is still quite dull and lined after four weeks of daily use it might be time to try something else.”

What do you want to target

Eye bags and dark circles

Look for products containing caffeine, which is known to stimulate blood flow, so helping drain and decongest the area. “Caffeine restricts the blood vessel dilation and oedema – the build-up of fluid in the body which causes the affected tissue to become swollen,” Janette explains. “Its decongestive properties decrease water retention and help to reduce the size of bags under the eyes and lessen the look of dark circles.” Vitamin C is also good for brightening the skin around the eyes.

Fine lines

Hyaluronic acid works to tackle fine lines, so a cream that contains this super-ingredient should be on your shopping list. “It guarantees plumpness and more importantly hydration, which is key when it comes to tackling fine lines,” says Janette. “Hyaluronic acid acts like a sponge to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water.” Not only this, but it releases antioxidants to protect the skin from external aggressors such as pollution.


As well as caffeine, ingredients such as cucumber and arnica work to reduce swelling around the eyes. If you’re using an eye gel or serum, help to de-puff the area further by keeping it in the fridge. “This will provide an immediate cooling, calming and constricting action on the blood vessels,” adds Janette.

Cream of the crop

Best for puffiness

  • Easy On The Eye Avocado Eye Cream, £9, Love Jamila – buy now

Best for fine lines

  • Prai Beauty Ageless Eye D-Crease, £28, Look Fantastic – buy now

Best for dark circles and eye bags

Vichy Minéral 89 Eyes, £20 , Look Fantastic – buy now

Best for plumping

  • Glossier Bubblewrap, £23, Glossier – buy now

Best for crow’s feet

  • Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum, £65, Debenhams – buy now

Best for brightening

  • Keep Young & Beautiful Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift, £33, M&S – buy now

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From David Beckham to Amanda Holden, the wrinkly futures of celebs revealed as we speed up the ageing process – The Sun

MOVIE bosses may now be able to take years off stars — but the fun of making them look ancient will never get old.

Extensive “de-aging” technology was used for 76-year-old Robert De Niro in new film The Irishman.

But we did the opposite by accelerating the ageing process for some of our best-loved celebrities using FaceApp.

Here’s our light-hearted glimpse of their wrinkly futures.

Amanda Olden


Holly Willoughbiddy

Grey Hairy Styles

Kate Granny

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Royal rich list – Queen's £1.6bn worth, Charles raking it in from surf schools and Will and Harry's £4m pocket money

Down the generations, our royal family has basked in riches most of us can only dream of, surrounded by palaces, jewels and precious art purchased with public funds.

And that’s before you get to their annual income courtesy of the Sovereign Grant – money paid to the royals by the government, which today has risen to a whopping £82.8 million a year, up from just £7.9 million in 2010.

It’s a vast sum, but as I discovered when I set out to write a book scrutinising both the finances and the conduct of the Windsors, it is a drop in the ocean of the bulging royal bank accounts.

Aided not just by lavish state subsidies but by breath-taking – and unique – tax breaks, over the years not just the Queen but members of her extended family have managed to amass extraordinary personal fortunes.

Exactly how rich are they though? Here we take a look.


£1.6 billion

She may be much-loved by the public – but Her Majesty’s enormous wealth largely comes from the taxpayer.

Then there’s the queen’s investment portfolio, which is worth at least £500 million and on which, thanks to legislation passed by Winston Churchill, she paid no tax on for 40 years – costing the taxpayer an estimated £900 million.

Those investments are supplemented by all manner of valuables, from Faberge eggs, a string of racehorses, paintings and jewellery, not to mention a stamp collection valued at £100 million in 2001.

Nonetheless the Queen is famously thrifty, gifting loyal staff items like jam from the Palace shop as Christmas presents – sometimes close to the sell-by date which means she gets it discounted.

It helps that the Duchy of Lancaster, the private estate owned by the sovereign and which owns 10 castles and land across the country, has an estimated worth of £534 million. Last year it brought in a £20 million income.


£44 million

Prince Philip was born penniless on a Corfu kitchen table and slept in an orange box. When he married the Queen in 1947 the Duke of Edinburgh’s naval income was just £11 a week.

In 1969 he went onto US television to plead poverty for the royals, saying they might have to sell a polo pony or two.

Today, more than 70 years later, he receives £359,000 a year from the Sovereign Grant – a rise that far surpasses wage inflation for the rest of us, even though he no longer carries out any duties.

Nonetheless, a palace insider recently revealed it ‘wasn’t enough’ and that the queen now has to supplement it.

Quite how he has managed to amass £28 million is mystery, although the fact he doesn’t pay for much probably helps, a pattern set as far back as 1956, when an extended trip on the Royal yacht Britannia cost the public purse £2 million.


£100 million

Courtesy of the Duchy of Cornwall – the 'private estate' whose revenue goes directly to Charles – the Queen’s heir receives an annual income of around £21 million.

Meanwhile the vast estate has estimated net assets of £1 billion and owns huge amounts of land across the country including the Oval Cricket Ground.

Such is the Duchy’s extensive reach that it even derives income from car parks and surf schools on Cornwall’s beaches due to the estate’s ‘foreshore’ rights. Nor does the Duchy – which Charles insists is a ‘private estate’ – pay any corporation tax.

Make no mistake, HRH does like to spend money though – including £30,000 on a private jet on a single day trip to Belgium in July 2017. His travel bill for the year overall was £1.13 million.

Charles dislikes British Airways first class, complaining that the seats are uncomfortable and on a trip to Canada, he realised his favourite shoehorn had been left at the previous stop in Winnipeg. He got the Canadian air force to travel a thousand or so miles to pick it up and deliver it to him.

Why the Royals are now so rich

In 2012, when George Osborne was Chancellor, the system of royal support was changed, meaning the Royals now benefit from income from land and property called the Crown Estates.

Since 1760, that income had all gone to the government – and so indirectly to the taxpayer.

But from now on, under the new ‘Sovereign Grant Act’ of 2011, 25 per cent of it goes to the Royal Family instead.

That single decision has seen money from the civil list – the money given to the Queen to pay for the
monarchy – rise by an eye-popping amount, from £7.9 million in 2010 to £82.8 million last year.

What's more, this property portfolio includes the seabed round our coast where a huge number of windfarms are planned. This is likely to bring in another £100 million a year for the Queen.


£57 million

‘Airmiles Andy’ has long been known for his extravagant lifestyle and a love of luxury travel at the taxpayer's expense costing millions: in the ten years to 2011, his ‘special representative role’ cost the taxpayer £4 million, with another £10 million to be added on for his police protection.

Extensive criticism does not seem to have reined him in more recently either: in 2016, he took a £3000 helicopter flight for a journey from Norfolk to London which would have cost £35 by train.

Like most of the royal siblings, Andrew has investments in businesses and properties, although a fair slice of his fortune is understood to come from a trust fund that was set up when he was a child and he receives an annual £249,000 from his mother.

In 2007, his former marital home, Sunninghill Park, was sold to a Kazakh billionaire for £15 million – £3 million above the asking price, and subsequently demolished.


£30 million

William’s personal wealth is understood to be partly thanks to a legacy from his great-grandmother the Queen Mother, who put the bulk of her estimated £70 million fortune into a trust fund for her great-grandchildren in 1994, leaving William and his brother Harry with around £14 million between them.

Their late mother, Diana Princess of Wales, also left her sons a substantial financial legacy, understood to be around £13 million apiece, which is boosted by regular financial top-ups from the Queen and Charles who gives him around £4 million a year ‘pocket money’ from the Duchy of Cornwall estate.


£8 million
While Kate’s finances are harder to penetrate, her private wealth is undoubtedly boosted by the many ‘freebies’ gifted to the Royal couple, from villas on the Caribbean island of Mustique to ski chalets.

Then there are the cars. William and Kate are amongst several royals who have also benefited from cut-price leasing deals for top-notch Audis.


£30 million
Like his brother, Harry inherited from both his great grandmother and mother’s estates and also receives £4 million a year from the Duchy of Cornwall.

He is not immune to the pull of luxury taxpayer-funded travel however: in March this year he took a taxpayer-funded helicopter at a cost of £6,000 from Birmingham to London when an advance rail fare, first class, would cost £34.

The £2.4 million renovation of Frogmore Cottage, his marital home, was also funded by the taxpayer.


£5 million
As a Hollywood actress Meghan Markle had already amassed an estimated £3 million fortune of her own before she married into the Windsors, including a reported £500,000 pay-check for her role as Rachel Zane in legal drama Suits.

Marriage to a royal has certainly boosted her finances though – and her assets: she now has a 91-piece jewellery collection worth £600,000.


£3.9 million each
Although not on the civil list, both princesses benefited from the legacy of their great-grandmother together with the estimated £1.4 million trust fund established for them in the wake of their parents' divorce.

Both girls do work, although Beatrice in particular is renowned for her foreign holidays: in 2017 she took eighteen.


£15 million
Again the Queen’s granddaughter receives nothing from the royal purse, but has quietly amassed a vast fortune, courtesy of some canny sponsorship deals including Rolex and Land Rover.

She also has her own jewellery range with Australian brand Cajella.

Where there's a will, there's a way to keep it secret

For centuries, all wills in this country have been open for inspection – except for royal wills, which are kept secret, locked in a metal safe in an iron cage in Somerset House.

Perhaps the royals don’t want the public to know just how fabulously wealthy they all are – and the extent to which they avoid paying taxes on their estates, albeit legally.

Take the way the Queen is exempt from inheritance tax under ancient legislation – meaning she didn’t pay a penny tax on her mother’s estimated £70 million estate.

The Queen Mother also took advantage of the law that means you can make gifts seven or more years before you die and avoid death duties: she left jewellery to her grandchildren in 1993.

Just one snag: it was all found in one of her cupboards after she died.

Happily for her Majesty, the Inland Revenue turned a blind eye – saving her around £25 million on inheritance tax.

…And What Do You Do?: What the Royal Family Don't Want You to Know by Norman Baker is published by Biteback, priced £20. 

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A Moulin Rouge musical is finally coming to the UK – and fans can’t contain their excitement – The Sun

IT’S time to brush up on your can-can skills and grab your corsets because Moulin Rouge! The Musical is coming to the UK.

For the first time, Baz Luhrmann’s sensational 2001 film will be brought to live on stage in a new musical extravaganza.

The dazzling musical will open its doors in London’s West End at the Piccadilly Theatre in March 2021, following a hugely successful run in New York.

Popular songs from the movie will feature, including the incredible Come What May, Elephant Love Medley and Your Song.

There will also be the added extra of several new pop songs, including takes on Rolling in the Deep, Shut Up and Dance and Take on Me.

The show will be based on the Oscar-winning film, which tells the story of young writer Christian who falls in love with star of the Moulin Rouge, cabaret performer and courtesan Satine.

The movie starred Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor and was nominated for eight Oscars, winning two.

Fans will be invited to “Enter a world of splendour and romance, of eye-popping excess, of glitz, grandeur and glory!

“A world where Bohemians and aristocrats rub elbows and revel in electrifying enchantment. Pop the champagne and prepare for the spectacular spectacular.”

It will be directed by Tony Award-nominated Alex Timbers, with a book written by Tony winner John Logan.

Tickets will be available soon on, but casting has not yet been announced.

The Broadway show across the pond featured Karen Olivo as cabaret performer Satine and Christian was played by Aaron Tveit, star of the Les Miserables film.

Producer Carmen Pavlovic said: “After ten years in development, and following the fantastic response to Moulin Rouge! The Musical in New York, we are thrilled to be sharing this musical with audiences in the UK.

“We can't wait to bring the show to London!"


The Moulin Rouge is a cabaret house in Paris that was co-founded in 1889 by Charles Zidler and Joseph Oller.

It is located close to the Montmartre area of the city, and is recognisable thanks to its trademark red windmill on the roof.

It is well-known as the birthplace of the modern form of the can-can dance.

The leg-kicking dance was previously introduced as a seductive dance by the courtesans who worked on site.

Now it is a tourist attraction offering musical dance to visitors from around the globe.

We shared glamorous photos from backstage at the Moulin Rouge as Parisian cabaret celebrates 130 years of high-kicking dancers.

Meanwhile, Amanda Holden posed with scantily clad dancers at the Moulin Rouge in Paris after blasting Phillip Schofield over This Morning job.


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Beyoncé Wore a Fiery-Red, Figure-Hugging Sequined Dress, and BRB, Fanning Ourselves

Beyoncé’s style is iconic, and her most recent look is another one to write down in the record book of Most Amazing Beyoncé Outfits Ever. In a series of Instagram posts on Friday, Beyoncé shared a few photos of a floor-length evening gown, and it was practically dripping in red sequins — so, yeah, we’re absolutely in love!

The figure-hugging dress featured long sleeves and a ruffled turtleneck collar, making it elegant and sexy all at once. She paired the look with clear, rhinestone-studded heels, feathery golden earrings, a silver clutch, and a pair of red sequin-dipped sunglasses — very chic.

As if she didn’t look amazing enough already, Beyoncé did her hair up in a high ponytail, secured with a braid at the base, and had her ombré curls spilling over her shoulders. Gorgeous! Check out the enchanting look ahead, and catch a rare glimpse of Beyoncé and JAY-Z being silly during their night out.

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