Serena Williams talks US Open and vying to tie Grand Slam title record

Serena Williams will play Maria Sharapova in the first round of the 2019 US Open on Monday.

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The tournament is a high-stakes moment in the career of the 23-time Grand Slam winner, as she is goes for her 24th title, which would tie her with the current record-holder, Margaret Court.

Williams spoke about the upcoming competition in an interview with “Good Morning America” at the 2019 Palace Invitational on Thursday.

When asked about her pursuit for the next title, Williams said with a laugh: “I mean, I would be happy, but at the same time I just feel like I should have more.”

“It’s just the last Grand Slam of the year and I feel like [for] me in particular, I really train all year for Grand Slams, so it’s like — OK I’m training again for the last one — and then it’s just … it’s good for it to be it,” she continued.

The tennis great returns to the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York City after being defeated last year by competitor Naomi Osaka.

Osaka and other young competitors Williams has faced more recently, like Bianca Andreescu, have expressed what an inspiration and a role model Williams is to them.

Williams says she had a similar experience and also faced some of her role models in competition when she was entering the game.

“I played against some people I definitely admired — it was really cool,” she shared. “But when I went there [and played them] it was so intense…I know what it was like to play against people that I grew up watching — and then just obsessing over. Then playing them and then knowing that, yeah, I’m still a fan even to this day.”

“But when you’re on the court you just kind of go for it,” she added.

Another realm in which Williams has gone for it? She’s cemented her status as a powerful force in the business world, having created her own companies and invested in multiple startups.

She also became the first athlete to make Forbes’ list of the World’s Richest Self-Made Women in June.

“You know, it’s been fun,” she said of her work off the court. “I’m sitting on a couple of boards and I think that’s really interesting. SurveyMonkey, I just had a board meeting from 1 to 5 today, and I feel like that is some of the most rewarding work outside of what I do for venture.”

“But it’s interesting because I like to educate myself and learn how do I help another company with my ideas and my recommendations,” she continued. “Sitting on a board is really about learning about the company and offering good advice…so that’s really cool.”

“I just wish I had looked at it that way when I first got on the board, but now that I do, hopefully, I can bring much more,” she added. “To SurveyMonkey in particular.”

Post-U.S. Open competition, Williams will put on another show for her millions of fans across the globe, this time in fashion. Her S by Serena label will hold its FW19 runway show on September 10.

“I’m excited about the show seeing it all come together, just the atmosphere of the show,” she shared. “I’m trying to bring a different vibe. I’m excited to see how that happens and how it works…that’s like my main goal right now.”

“But the clothes are great. We designed it…we got a call like, ‘We want you guys showing in Fashion Week.’ And I was like ‘Oh my God — love to, but it’s April…we have to make everything.’ So we readjusted our September October collection.”

Following the show, the clothes will immediately be available online for 24 hours.

“I’m also excited because when it comes on the runway, we’re gonna sell it…and then we’ll just kind of go from there,” she added.

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Miranda Lambert & Maren Morris Are The New ‘Thelma & Louise’ On New Song ‘Too Pretty For Prison’ – Listen

If you’re sad about ‘Orange Is The New Black’ ending, Miranda Lambert has a new song that’ll cheer you up. She teamed up with Maren Morris for ‘Too Pretty For Prison,’ the next single from her new album, and it’s so good, it’s criminal!

Miranda Lambert, 35, gave her fans yet another reason to be excited about her upcoming album. After releasing “Mess With My Head,” “It All Comes Out in the Wash,” “Locomotive,” and “Bluebird,” she dropped another single from her next record, Wildcard, on Aug. 26, and it’s bound to steal the crown of “Song Of The Summer” away from “Senorita,” “Old Town Road,” and, well, “Hot Girl Summer.” Thankfully, if Miranda and Maren Morris, 29, get caught, they won’t serve any time, as the name of the collab between they’re “Too Pretty For Prison.” The catchy tune has the ladies singing about a cheating man, and teasing with the idea of committing murder by slipping arsenic in his drink — hence the prison reference.

“But we’re way too pretty for prison, hard time ain’t our kind of living,” the ladies hilariously sing on the song. “I don’t wanna talk about the way the jumpsuits wash us out,” they conclude, reminding us that yes — fashion does come first. The fun jam also reminds listeners that prison is also missing chardonnay, rhinestones, and, most importantly, cute boys to buy them drinks.

Wildcard is due out on Nov. 1, and the album may be Miranda’s most personal one yet. Case in point, the song “Too Pretty For Prison” is based on a girls’ night with Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild. “This new record has so many little details on it that become my favorites every time I listen, but one of those details is a fellow Texan and labelmate,” Miranda told iHeartRadio in July. “My friend Maren Morris sang on a song with me that I also wrote with The Love Junkies, and I knew from the second we were writing it that I would love to have Maren on it. It popped in my head right away before the song was even done. So, I asked her to come in and sing on it.

“It’s such a girl anthem, it’s called ‘Too Pretty For Prison,’ and it was actually inspired by Karen Fairchild,” explains Miranda. “We were having a wine night, and I always tell all of my friends leaving, ‘Don’t leave if you’ve been drinking, because you’re too pretty for prison.’ So, thanks Karen, for sharing that wine bottle with me and for taking an Uber.”

Karen from Little Big Town isn’t the only significant influence on Miranda’s new record. Her new husband, NYC Police officer Brendan McLoughlin and the City That Never Sleeps have both made an impact on Miranda’s music. “This record has a lot of little rock ‘n’ roll influences in it,” she told Billboard. “I think spending a lot of time in New York City kind of brought that into my art. I’ve also been on a huge rock ‘n’ roll kick lately. I’ve been on a Fleetwood Mac, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin kick, so I think some of that’s reflected as well.”

“I love that about that city — you can kind of just walk down the street and stumble into somewhere that has something amazing happening,” she added. ”I love the energy of that city and just the inspiration you can get if you look for it.”

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Ryan Reynolds Trolls Pregnant Blake Lively on Her 32nd Birthday

Nice try, Ryan Reynolds.

The 42-year-old actor took to Instagram on Sunday to troll wife Blake Lively on her birthday…again.

Reynolds posted several carefully selected candid photos of the star, who turns 32, and by carefully selected, we mean shots of her with her eyes closed, out of focus images and other less flattering pics.

“Happy Birthday, @blakelively,” he wrote.

Of course, we’re talking about Blake Lively, so by less flattering, we mean, still above average compared to most women.

“Haha! Happy birthday shes still always so beautiful ❤️” commented Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown.

“There are no bad pictures of @blakelively and happy [three birthday cake emojis],” commented Rob Liefeld, creator of Deadpool, the character Reynolds plays on the big screen.

Reynolds appears with Lively in most of the photos, which appear to have been taking during trips or on dates.

In two pics, Lively is standing next to Reynolds, cradling her baby bump.

Instagram / Ryan Reynolds

Blake Blinks for a Selfie With Ryan…

…and is still cute.

Instagram / Ryan Reynolds

Blake Does’t Pay Attention During Her Beach Trip With Ryan…

…and is still cute.

Instagram / Ryan Reynolds

Blake Is Off the Meet the Wizard and Looks Like the Tornado Got Her…

…and is still cute.

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Instagram / Ryan Reynolds

Blake Blinks for Another Selfie With Ryan…

…and is still cute.

Instagram / Ryan Reynolds

Blake Blinks During a Trip to Universal Studios With Ryan…

…and is still cute.

Instagram / Ryan Reynolds

Blake Blinks and Sits on a Luggage Cart…

…and is still cute.

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Instagram / Ryan Reynolds

Blake Has an Out-of-Focus Cuddle With Ryan…

…and is still cute.

Instagram / Ryan Reynolds

Blake Isn’t Ready to Say Cheese at the Beach…

…and is still cute.

Instagram / Ryan Reynolds

Pregnant Blake Doesn’t Notice She’s Being Photographed With Ryan…

…and is still cute.

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Instagram / Ryan Reynolds

Pregnant Blake Shares a Laugh With Ryan…

…and is so cute.

She revealed in May that she is pregnant with their third child. The two are parents to two daughters, James, 4, and Inez, who will turn 3 next month.

Anyway, the fan-favorite couple is famous for trolling each other on social media.

In 2017, on Lively’s 30th birthday, Reynolds posted a throwback photo of one of his and his wife’s most prominent red carpet moments together while largely cropping her out of the picture.

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Scammer Season Is In Full Effect On Kirsten Dunst’s New Showtime Series

If there is one character that can make a reasonable claim to being a "god" in the pilot episode of Showtime’s On Becoming A God In Central Florida, it’s Obie Garbeau II, the CEO of Founders American Merchandise. Obie is a towering figure, first introduced flying into a funeral via helicopter and high-fiving everyone in attendance, and responsible for seducing people like Travis Stubbs (Alexander Skarsgård) into chasing the American Dream. If Garbeau seems larger-than-life, it’s because he’s simply too large of a personality to really exist. The Garbeau Method is not real, nor is Obie Garbeau II himself, but he shares some similarities with some very real people.

As the head of a multi-level marketing company, part of Garbeau’s job isn’t just managing the company but inspiring others to sell his product for him, urging them on with the hopes that selling his product will, in turn, turn a profit for him. He’s a flashier version of business figures like Mark Hughes of Herbalife or DeAnne Brady Stidham of LuLaRoe, but distinguishes himself with a bushy handlebar mustache, a cross around his neck, and a Colonel Sanders-esque haircut.

Obie’s audacious facial hair and distinctive look distracts from his face, which probably bodes well from fans watching On Becoming A God from making a connection between the ’92-set series and the fact that the actor who plays Obie played one of the most memorable movie villains of the early ’90s.

Obie is brought to life by Ted Levine, a longtime character actor who has made a name for himself by playing all manner of gruffy individuals. Levine’s roles include the menacing warden in Shutter Island, Big Bob in The Hills Have Eyes, and the ever-cranky Leland Stottlemeyer on Monk, but in 1991 he played one of the villains in one of the most beloved movies of all time, a role that is very very far away from Obie Gerbeau — Buffalo Bill in The Silence Of The Lambs.

Buffalo Bill may not have been the primary villainous figure in Silence Of The Lambs — that honor goes to Anthony Hopkins’ iconic performance as Hannibal Lector — but Levine’s performance has been etched into pop culture history through references to putting lotion in baskets and the song "Goodbye Horses" in other media. The slimy serial killer is a far cry from Obie, a man of the utmost composure and power — but it is fun to watch him play it.

Obie Garbeau may not be based on any person in particular, but Levine’s transformation — physical and otherwise — into the self-proclaimed business guru is bursting with charisma to a frightening degree. It’s not hard to imagine how someone like Travis could end up in the thrall of a man who looks, sounds, and acts like he has all the answers to life and success. Garbeau isn’t real — and given the consequences that his existence has for Travis and his family, it’s probably for the best that he’s a fictional character.

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Concert Review: Rolling Stones Gather No Sentiment or Flab at Fierce Rose Bowl Show

Here’s a quick and easy test to determine whether you’ve gotten too cynical: you’re blasé enough to bypass a Rolling Stones tour in 2019 for any reason other than a financial one. Yes, you’ve seen them too many times; you’ve never seen them, but now is a bad time to start; the set lists are too predictable; the whole enterprise is undignified for bands and fans of a certain septuagenarian age; they’ve sucked ever since [fill in the blank: Brian Jones/Mick Taylor/Nicky Hopkins/Ian McLagan] checked out of the band or planet. Well, no, actually: You’re the sucker. So go sit in the corner and ponder the sad fate of the miracle seeker who doesn’t make a side trip to Lourdes because it’s five minutes off the highway.

It is a secular miracle that the Stones are still together, and their appearance at the Rose Bowl Thursday night was the second such trip to a revivifying well in a stadium that Angelenos have gotten to experience in six weeks, following Paul McCartney’s Dodger Stadium stop last month. If anything, the Stones’ visitation seems a little further into the realm of spooky signs and wonders, and not just because this year Mick Jagger has become the poster boy for boyish stent-bearers everywhere. Even more unlikely than Jagger doing his flashy jumping jacks after heart surgery at 76 is that the heart of the band remains together, willing to share the same stage and rehearse for it, too, sounding like scrappy but accomplished lads of 22 a good 55 years after their first local gig. The Stones will forever be a band that has to at least feign a kind of nonchalance on occasions like this — Keith Richards was not about to make the heart symbol or namaste gesture during the final bow — but you could at least imagine that the group had arrived in Pasadena with tangible sense of purpose, as if to say: No, really, Mick’s surgeon says 140-minute skipping-and-galloping sessions are fine. Also: If we can’t rock you, nobody will.

That they look the worse for wear is part of the shared fun at this point, however many decades after we all got our “Steel Wheelchair Tour” jokes out of the way. The faces have changed, while the bodies, cocky postures and enviable stamina levels have not, in some kind of laughably wonderful cosmic disconnect. Compared with the 2015 tour, Jagger expends maybe 5% less energy literally running across the throw stages and catwalks than he did then, but it is, at the least, a steady jog, or a shimmying, frugging sort of jog. And, as photographic evidence has readily attested, he maintains the physique for which skinny jeans (or their Versace equivalent) were made; any deals with the devil that were made in order to keep that frenzied stick-figure thing going have not yet expired. Ron Wood continues to be the preternatural brunette and biggest rock-god pose-striker of the group, and every band needs one. Charlie Watts is still our darling, sitting at a minimalist kit and moving even more minimally with his casual jazz grip, looking like the mild-mannered banker who no one in the heist movie realizes is the guy actually blowing up the vault. And Richards is, as always, is the bloke who’s chuckling at the more extravagant gestures of Wood and Jagger while working just as hard. The Stones are so comfortable with who they are in 2019 that — get this — Richards has now ditched his bandana,  as an eff-you to everyone who thinks you can’t slam it out just as hard with some shine on your forehead. Or maybe he just forgot and left it in the Rose Bowl dressing room.

Two things are certain in the set list of a modern Rolling Stones concert: One is that there’ll be a wild card number, voted on via the web by fans from among four choices that have never risen to being staples of the show. Thursday night, it was 1967’s “She’s a Rainbow,” which, as the only thoroughly keyboard-dominated number of the night, isn’t exactly a key exemplar of the brand. Then again, the song has been picked up by a lot of commercial brands lately (see Variety‘s December 2018 story on how “Rainbow” became a sync monster). So maybe the votes of local music supervisors and ad licensing folks alone were enough to put it over the top in L.A. balloting.

The other certainty is that, aside from maybe a couple of other modest surprises, nearly all of the rest of the show will follow along familiar greatest-hits lines. On this shortish 2019 stadium tour, they’ve been mixing up the front end a bit, while the show’s back end has the inevitability of a superhero movie. “Brown Sugar” is the unerring climax of the set proper, overextended to give the audience a few dozen extra chances to go “whoo!” at Jagger’s prompting. One thing that’s changed is that Jagger has gender-swapped the “just like a young girl should” line, maybe in some sort of quiet deference to ongoing complaints about the song’s dicey sexual and racial politics. The encore will always close out with “Satisfaction,” which sounds as wonderfully nasty and grinding as ever, and its adolescent frustration becomes an even better, more ironic joke as the decades go on. It’s the closest thing they have to a signature song, yes, but it’s also kind of a “Gladiator” way to end the show, asking: Are you not satisfied?

If you’ve attended as many Stones tours as some of us have, it’s easy for you as a fan to let your mind go on autopilot during these more overfamiliar picks, even if the band isn’t phoning it in. It’s not as if they are about to do any Dylan-style radical rearrangements. But sometimes Richards and Wood do switch something up in the guitar playing that jolts you back to attention. On this No Filter show, that moment came during an unexpectedly thrilling rendition of “Sympathy for the Devil,” which, with the only pre-taped rhythm of the set, had long since become one of those numbers where you could check out a little and Instagram those snapshots you’d been saving up since the beginning of the show, all Luciferian entreaties notwithstanding. But not this night. After Jagger sang the opening words of the chorus, Richards punctuated the pauses with some particularly ripping chords, to the point that his playing almost seemed to be turned up twice as loud as the rest of the band. That couldn’t have been the case — the sound was unnaturally good enough at the Rose Bowl that there definitely weren’t accidents happening at the mixing board. But that Richards could at least fool us into thinking his amps had been turned up to 111 with a few well placed strums proved that it doesn’t take much to breathe new life into an old satanic chestnut.

Among the other highlights was “Miss You” — these days, as much as anything, a showcase for bassist Darryl Jones, who was given a lot of time in the solo spotlight, with Jagger egging him on and finally saying, in the most flattering way, “Shut up!” The lack of disco sequels in the Stones’ catalog remains regrettable to this day. Just as satisfying on the other end of the roots scale was the band’s mid-set, two-song hootenanny at the end of the center ramp with “Sweet Virginia” and “Dead Flowers,” driven by Woods’ acoustic slide. There are those of us who would very much like to see an entire set’s worth of that approach, but there were 50,000 others who might have had a problem with “Honky Tonk Women” being supplanted by actual honky-tonk music, so we cheerfully take what bluesy-folksy moments we get.

Jagger busted out his harmonica and his serial-crowd-killer strut for “Midnight Rambler,” which sounds more comforting than scary these days — he even shouted out feel-good exhortations to the crowd.  Wood seemed particularly supercharged on this one, like maybe he was recalling the 2015 tour, where former member Mick Taylor’s cameo appearances on “Rambler” on a lot of the dates were considered particularly memorable, and he wanted to make us all forget that.

It’s a given on any given night that “Gimme Shelter” will be a standout: There is something almost too easy about how the sight of a female African American singer marching down the catwalk with Jagger trailing behind her loosens up the pheromone inhibitors, assuming that the backup-turned-lead singer in question does deliver. On previous American tours stretching back a very long way, that duet partner was Lisa Fischer, but now it’s 37-year-old Sasha Allen, whom some will remember as a Season 4 “Voice” semifinalist, although she has plenty of other credits in R&B, pop and the legit stage. Allen was up to the task of the song’s war cries, however easy of a lay we, as a crowd, might be in that moment.

During the spoken asides between songs, Jagger was as much the stone-faced comedian as ever — never more than when asking, “Is anybody here from Glendale?” (Perhaps he is a really big “Mildred Pierce” fan.) Prior to the Stones coming on stage, Robert Downey Jr. had made a brief appearance to proclaim that NASA’s nearby Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena had named a rock that had rolled a few feet on Mars upon being nudged by a landing craft after the Stones. Jagger later thanked “our favorite action man” for the intro and said of the Mars rock, “I want to bring it back and put it on our mantlepiece.” If the idea that the group shares a house together wasn’t amusement enough, Jagger talked about some of the band’s highly fictional doings while they were in town, with the same absurd local color he brings to concerts in other locales.

Noting that fans had had to change plans when the Rose Bowl date was rescheduled because of his heart surgery, Jagger said, “It’s affected us as well, because we’re missing Thursday night’s turtle races at Brennan’s” (a bar in Marina Del Rey). “Anyway, we walked all the way up and down Hollywood Blvd. looking for the Rolling Stones’ star, but we couldn’t find it. Sad, isn’t it? But we looked.” (The Stones do not have a star on the Walk of Fame.) “And then we couldn’t get into Spago’s restaturant because it was too late.” (The West Hollywood restaurant Spago closed in 2001.) “But it all turned out all right anyway, because Wolfgang Puck is cooking his shepherd’s pies backstage, so it all turned out perfectly.”

The fabulism continued, with Jagger at one point announcing that “we’re gonna do a couple of Elizabethan folk tunes for you.” Before they did their wild-card choice with “She’s a Rainbow,” the singer talked about some of the other possibilities. “We’ve put some songs up for you to vote for — songs like ‘Can You Hear the Music,’ ‘There’s No Smoke Without Fire, ‘Little Old Lady From Pasadena.’” That last song is, of course, a Jan & Dean oldie the Stones have never performed; the middle one he mentioned, well, Google that and it’s still anybody’s guess; and the first tune cited is an album cut from 1973’s “Goat’s Head Soup” that supposedly has never, ever been performed live, much less put up for a 21st century fan vote. Oh, that Mick.

Listen to enough of these droll gags he does at every gig and you might start to wonder how much the rest of his persona is comedic. He was traditionally viewed as the anti-McCartney, in some ways — the possibly sinister counterpart to the Beatle’s cuddliness — but, seeing Jagger in action so soon after Paul came through town, someone could even begin to think that, in some ways, they’re the same guy. McCartney does silly little shuffles and dance moves between songs that no one quite understands what they are — but isn’t that kind of Jagger’s whole persona during the Stones’ performances, only with a lot more exuberant funkiness and catlike grace and a vaguely mean look on his face while he’s doing it? Material like “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Street Fighting Man” (which they opened the Rose Bowl show with) blinded audiences for decades to just how much of a goofball Jagger is on stage, even during — maybe especially during — all that footwork. Maybe he’s not “dancing with Mr. D” so much as dancing with Mr. L…  as in Jerry Lewis.

One thing he didn’t joke about on stage was that recent health scare. Jagger didn’t directly refer to it at all, actually — not because he’s afraid of the topic, probably, as much as the Stones just see anything remotely approaching sentiment on stage as rank. In the Stones’ world, it’s dead men who cry. There probably wasn’t a single a tear shed at the Rose Bowl. But some of us could get misty on the inside, at least, over the dumb luck we’ve experienced to have a group that probably outlived its natural shelf life 50 years ago starting us up for the last 55.

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Nikki Bella & Artem Chigvintsev Will Use His Time Away From ‘DWTS’ To ‘Flourish’ Their Relationship

Now that Artem Chigvintsev isn’t returning to ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ he wants to explore ‘what else he can do in entertainment.’ HollywoodLife has learned how those plans involve his girlfriend, Nikki Bella!

Nikki Bella, 35, wrote that “one door may have closed but SO many are about to open up” for her boyfriend, Artem Chigvintsev, 37, and those words couldn’t be more true. While fans were heartbroken after Artem’s name wasn’t among the dancers announced for Season 28 of Dancing with the Stars on Aug. 22, this could be a blessing in disguise since the ABC star will use the time off the show to focus on Nikki! “Artem and Nikki are going to take this extra time together to flourish their own relationship that absolutely has wedding bells in the future,” a source close to the couple EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. And not just by going on dates!

“Nikki and Artem are relationship goals. They are only looking for the best for each other. And having him join Total Bellas is a great outlet for them both because it will show a different side of him and it will show why they work so much as a couple,” our source tells us. Bella confirmed that her new beau is filming Total Bellas in an Aug. 17 Instagram post, writing that she’s “thankful” that Artem will “showcase his life, love, [and] ups and downs” on the show!

“So that opportunity will be amazing but he does anticipate to be a part of Dancing [With The Stars] again down the line,” our source continues. For now, Artem — who starred on DWTS between 2009 and 2018 — “wants to explore what else he can do in entertainment.” And that’s because “he has seen the opportunities that Julianne [Hough] and Derek [Hough] and Cheryl [Burke] have had from the show and he wants to test out what piece of the pie he can obtain himself,” our source explains.

Today is a new beginning for both @theartemc and I. As I start a new amazing journey with @totalbellas and my life, my @theartemc is starting the same. And I am so excited for him to be on this journey with me. I’m thankful for him to showcase his life, love, ups and downs not only for me but for my Bella Army and my Total Bellas viewers. Sometimes we have a door shut and we don’t understand why, but honestly there is always a reason. I have been through that. And not through that just as a break up but through that professionally and personally. And when those other doors open they open SO big! Believe in God, the Universe, our Angels and so much greater beyond what we can see. Believe that happiness lies beyond dollar signs. As long as we have each other, health, happiness and love they can’t cheat us, use us or cause us harm. I love you all! I love your support! Your follow! Your positivity! And thank you for sharing it with someone who means SO much to me. ❤️

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

This break can even serve as an advantage for Artem, if he does reunite with DWTS. He even has a new dancing partner in mind, but it’s not Nikki! “Plus when he comes back he will be refreshed and maybe do the show with Nikki’s sister, Brie, because she wants to do the show in the future but is currently focusing on getting pregnant and having baby number two,” our source reveals!

Nikki and Artem confirmed their relationship on the July 17 episode of The Bellas Podcast, and just over a week later, Nikki gushed about the new romance in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. “It’s amazing,” the WWE star told us at the 9th Annual Variety Charity Poker & Casino Night at Paramount Studios in Hollywood on July 24, with Artem right by her side. She explained why the romance was previously hush-hush, adding, “I have tried to fight the whole no labels for so long and trying to take my time. I don’t know. This guy over here — I don’t know, he makes my heart skip beats, and it’s fun to showcase that love. I feel like people need that, you know?” With Artem’s new career change, now’s the time to showcase that love even more!

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg Treated for Pancreatic Cancer

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has been cleared “definitively” of pancreatic cancer after spending three weeks undergoing treatment in New York City for the illness.

The Supreme Court issued a statement on Friday saying that the Justice responded well to radiation treatment. In early July, Ginsberg underwent a regular blood test that came back abnormal, and doctors found a “localized malignant tumor” on her pancreas after assessing a biopsy later in the month. In order to recover, the Justice backed out of a visit to Santa Fe, N.M., but the statement said that she has continued to stay active.

“The Justice tolerated treatment well. She cancelled her annual summer visit to Santa Fe, but has otherwise maintained an active schedule,” the statement said. “The tumor was treated definitively and there is no evidence of disease elsewhere in the body. Justice Ginsburg will continue to have periodic blood tests and scans. No further treatment is needed at this time.”

This isn’t the first time that the 86-year-old Ginsberg has battled cancer. She had surgery to treat colon cancer in 1999 and battled another bout of pancreatic cancer in 2009. Doctors also surgically removed two nodules from her lung just last December, and in another health scare, she fractured three ribs last November.

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Billionaire David Koch owned at least $143 million of real estate in NYC, the Hamptons, Aspen, and Florida. Take a look at his lavish homes, from a $40 million Manhattan townhouse to a 13-bedroom Palm Beach villa.

  • David Koch, an Americanbillionaire known for donating to conservative political causes, hasdied at age 79.
  • The late philanthropist, who wasworth an estimated $58.7 billion when he died (per Bloomberg), owned at least $143 million worth of real estate inNew York City, theHamptons,Aspen, Colorado, and Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Koch’s primary residence wasan $18 million, 18-room duplex in an ultra-exclusiveManhattan building.
  • In 2018, hepaid cash for a $40.25 million Manhattan townhouse.
  • He also owneda $18.8 million waterfront home in the Hamptons anda $10.5 million villa in Palm Beach.
  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Billionaire conservative mega-donorDavid Koch has died at age 79.

The late Koch Industries co-owner wasworth an estimated $58.7 billion when he died (per Bloomberg). Most ofKoch’s wealth stemmed from his 42% stake in Koch Industries, the industrial conglomerate with an annual revenue of about $110 billion, according toForbes.

Known forhis hefty donations to conservative political causes, Koch had a massive real-estate portfolio in New York City, the Hamptons, Aspen, Colorado, and Palm Beach, Florida.

According to calculations by Business Insider, Koch’s real-estate holdings are worth at least $143 million (based on sale prices and Zillow estimates).

Here’s a look at his known real-estate holdings, from his $40 million Manhattan townhouse to his $18.8 million oceanfront Hamptons mansion.

Billionaire conservative donor David Koch has died at age 79.

Along with his brother Charles, David Kochdonated hundreds of millions to conservative organizations over the course of his lifetime.

He was also known for his non-political philanthropy. Koch gavemillions of dollars to the American Museum of Natural History in New York and served on its board for 23 years. He also donated$60 million to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 2012.

He was also a supporter of cancer research since being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1992, making donations toJohns Hopkins, theMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and his alma mater,MIT.

Koch was worth an estimated $58.7 billion when he died, per Bloomberg’s most recent report.

According to Bloomberg, most ofKoch’s wealth stemmed from his 42% stake in Koch Industries, the industrial conglomerate with an annual revenue of about $110 billion.

Koch retired from the company in June 2018 due to health reasons.

Koch primarily lived with his wife in New York City, but he also owned hundreds of millions’ worth of real estate in New York, Colorado, and Florida.

According to calculations by Business Insider, Koch’s real-estate holdings are worth at least $143 million (based on sale prices and Zillow estimates).

For 15 years, Koch lived in a massive 18-room duplex in a ritzy Manhattan building that John D. Rockefeller, Blackstone founder Stephen Schwarzman, and other business magnates have called home.

Koch paid $18 million for the duplex at 740 Park Avenue in 2004, according to The Real Deal.

740 Park Avenue is notoriously exclusive and expensive, known for being home to some of New York City’s wealthiest residents.

To live at the Art Deco co-op, which opened in the 1930s, applicants reportedly must be able to show a liquid net worth of at least $100 million, as Business Insider previously reported in 2017.

As of 2017, maintenance fees could run up to $10,000 a month. And in 1990, 740 Park Avenue residents paid an average of $250,000 each to repair the building’s facade, according to the 2006 book,”740 Park: The Story Of The World’s Richest Apartment Building” by Michael Gross.

There are two condos currently for sale in the Park Avenue co-op, according to StreetEasy.

A five-bedroom unit ison the market for $29.5 million, anda three-bedroom penthouse is listed for $34.5 million.

In addition to his Park Avenue duplex, Koch owned a $40.25 million Manhattan townhouse. Sources told the New York Post in August 2018 that he and his wife paid cash for the property.

Koch bought the 15,000-square-foot mansion from real-estate developer Joseph Chetrit, according to theNew York Post.

The eight-bedroom Upper East Side home, which was originally listed for $51 million,includes a 1,500-square-foot master suite, a gym, and a rooftop terrace.

Then there’s Koch’s oceanfront mansion on “Billionaire Lane” in the Hamptons, the ritzy vacation destination for New York City’s wealthy elite.

Koch’s seven-bedroom Southampton home, which includes a tennis court and outdoor swimming pool, hasan estimated value of $18.8 million, according to Zillow.

In 2012, Koch hosteda $50,000-a-head fundraising dinner at his Hamptons home for then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney; the event was crashed by Occupy protesters.

Koch’s Hamptons street, Meadow Lane, wasnicknamed “Billionaire Lane” for its ultra-wealthy residents, who have reportedly included investor David Och, real estate mogul Aby Rosen, fashion designer Calvin Klein, and hotelier Ian Schrager.

According to Pitkin County property records, Koch also purchased two neighboring homes in Aspen, the upscale Colorado ski town.

Property records for the county show that Koch bought his first Aspen house for$1.9 million in 1989. Two years later, in 1991, hepaid $1.75 million for another home on the same street.

Today, the first home has an estimated value ofalmost $18 million, and the second is valued at$8.8 million, according to Zillow.

Koch also had a 30,000-square-foot mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, called the Villa el Sarmiento.

Koch paid $10.5 million for the home in 1998, and he and his wife reportedly spent $12 million renovating and expanding it, bringing its size to 30,000 square feet.

Today, the mansion has an estimatedvalue of more than $40 million.

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Massive snake slithers out of five-month-old baby’s bedroom in sleepy UK village

A huge snake was found under a sofa in a five-month-old baby's nursery.

The royal python slithered out of the nursery of the family home in Tadworth, Surrey, down the stairs and settled under the sofa, according to the RSPCA .

It was removed by the girl's uncle and taken to a friend nearby who owns a vivarium, much to the relief of the father of the family, who is scared of snakes.

RSPCA animal collection officer Louis Horton said: "The young royal python was very friendly so I was sure he was an escaped pet from a nearby home.

"I took him into our care but, thankfully, we were able to find his owner and return him.

"It turns out he was called Gozer the Gozerian – named after Ghostbusters – and belonged to the family's neighbour.

"He'd been missing since May so it was nice to be able to return him home."

Gozer the Gozerian is the main villain in the original Ghostbusters film, in which he takes the form of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to attack New York City.

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Get 25% Off the Anti-Aging Serum Mindy Kaling Loves

The Mindy Project might have ended, but Mindy Kaling has another project in the works: her skincare routine! The 40-year-old recently shared that she’s gotten very into keeping up with her skincare routine, specifically to help prevent breakouts. Everyone knows how tricky acne and pimples can be, so we were really excited to find out the actress found an anti-aging product that keeps her breakouts at bay.

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In a recent Who What Wear interview, Kaling said she’s only just recently kept her skincare regimen regular. “Over the past five or six years, I’ve really gotten so into my skincare routine because I still break out,” she said. “I break out less than I did when I was a teenager, but it’s never gone away, and I don’t think it ever will, so I do a whole routine.”

The actress said she always uses toner, serum, moisturizer and eye cream, but her favorite product in her routine? This Joanna Vargas Daily Serum. But why exactly is this product so well-received in her book?

“It is so hydrating,” she said. “I always thought, ‘Oh, well, I don’t want to put something super hydrating on my skin, it’s going to make me break out.’ And actually, if I don’t use it, if I let myself get dry, that’s when I break out for whatever reason. That took me a really long time to learn.”

Kaling also said that this entire line of products by her celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas is “great for oily skin and also anti-aging,” which she especially loves since she doesn’t have to choose between the two anymore.

“Sometimes you feel like you have to do one or the other,” she said. “I need moisture, but it has to be the right kind of moisture.”

Kaling isn’t alone. So many other reviewers can’t get over how well this lightweight formula works. With a variety of antioxidant-rich botanical ingredients to help reduce the signs of aging and hyperpigmentation as well as promote firmness, this serum helps to achieve a bright and glowing complexion while locking in moisture.

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