AEW Wrestler Jack Perry Is the Son of Actor Luke Perry

It’s been two years since the death of actor Luke Perry. Although the Beverly Hills, 90210 actor is gone, his legacy lives on thanks to his son Jack Perry. Jack is carrying on the family name and has become a big star himself. But acting isn’t the career Jack pursued; his passion is wrestling. With Jack working for AEW, one of the biggest wrestling promotions, he’s establishing himself as the sport’s next biggest star.

Jack Perry says his passion for wrestling came from dad Luke Perry

Jack is the eldest child of Luke and Rachel “Minnie” Sharp. Luke was a very hands-on dad when it came to raising Jack and his younger sister Sophie. He had a close relationship with both his children and Luke would be instrumental in helping Jack’s wrestling career.

As a child, Jack and his father bonded over their love of wrestling. The two would watch weekly episodes of Raw and Smackdown and would also attend WWE events together. When Jack decided he wanted to pursue a career in wrestling, Luke encouraged his son to follow his dreams.

Although wrestling is a tough sport, Jack never backed down when it came to pursuing his passion. In an interview with Fox News, Jack credited Luke as inspiration in never giving up. “There were so many things we shared along the way, but it was cool to be able to talk to someone and bounce ideas off of someone who had taken their dream all the way and fulfilled it,” Jack explained.

Jack Perry is wrestling for AEW

Jack’s wrestling journey started at the age of 10 when his father enrolled him in a wrestling training school. Although Jack loved training, he eventually took a break to focus on school. “When I got into middle school, I gave it up for a little bit, and I didn’t really get back into it until kind of the end of high school,” he admitted to CBS Los Angeles.

When Jack restarted his wrestling journey, he adopted the ring name and the gimmick of Jungle Boy, a character that’s become synonymous with his career. Like many wrestlers, Jack began working on the independent scene with smaller promotions. As Jack’s career started to rise, Luke was there to support his son. The actor was often seen in the audience cheering on Jack during a match.

Jack’s big break came in January 2019 when he signed with AEW. Since signing with the company, he’s has become a fan favorite and received a mega push. He’s already challenged for AEW’s top two championships, plus he’s part of the popular stable Jurassic Express.

Jack Perry is a heartthrob like his dad

Jack’s impressed wrestling fans with his athleticism, but that’s not the only thing that captured their attention. With his blonde, curly hair and handsome features, Jack’s become a crush to many female fans. Yet, there’s bad news for those ladies; Jack is taken. He’s in a relationship with fellow AEW wrestler Anna Jay.

With a new girlfriend and a successful career, things are going well for Jack. Although Luke is not around to experience his son’s joys, there’s no doubt the actor would be proud of his wrestler son.

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