All about the kids Dr Emily opens up on family time with Peter Andre amid busy life

Emily Andre shows off Amelia’s birthday balloons

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Emily Andre, 32, has been married to pop star Peter Andre, 48, since 2015. The pair have two children together, Amelia and Theodore, alongside Emily being step-parent to Peter’s children with Katie Price, Junior and Princess.

Emily recently opened up about life with the kids, as she shared what they got up to at Christmas time.

Chatting to, she shared: “Oh my gosh, I love Christmas so much.

“My birthday is in the middle of summer so I have really managed to get it spaced out right.

“I’ve got my birthday in the summer of Christmas in the winter.

“But I actually probably look forward to Christmas way more than my birthday.

“For me, it’s just family time. It’s all about being with the kids.

“Just quality time together.”

This is especially the case as Emily has been very busy lately, publishing her first book.

Entitled Growing Up For Girls, this is all about puberty.

Using her medical knowledge as well as being a mum and step-mum, the star admitted she wanted to provide a guide for young girls.

She said: “It’s just trying to educate that everybody goes through puberty differently.

“And there’s no one normal.

“I think it’s very easy to feel blindsided in a way, ‘Oh, well, you know, everyone’s starting puberty before me and what’s wrong with me?’

“There is nothing wrong!”

Emily shared how it was also important for her to dedicate a large chunk of the book to mental health as well.

She added: “Everyone thinks of the changes we see on the outside of the body.

“But actually, it’s important to remember there are lots of things that go on inside your mind and obviously your body internally as well.”

She also admitted she’ll ask Peter for some advice with next latest book, Growing Up For Boys, which is due out in May.

She shared: “I definitely wouldn’t rule out having a chat to, could be my brothers, maybe Pete if he’s up for it.

“Because I think you need that kind of lived experience a little bit for some of the questions.”

Dr Emily MacDonagh is the author of Growing Up For Girls, published by Scholastic on 6 January.

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