'American Idol' David Archuleta Says Fans Left Show After He Talked Being Queer

David Archuleta says dozens of fans walked out of a recent show of his after he spoke about being queer … a moment he believes drives home just how important it is to continue to tell his story.

Archuleta arrived in Los Angeles Thursday, just hours after wrapping a stop on his Christmas tour in Utah, where he says fans bailed during a break in the performance where he talked about his recent journey coming out.

In fact, he even shared an email from what appeared to be a manager of the venue where he sang … expressing their disappointment over his decision to talk about his sexuality.

david archeleta email

Part of the email read, “I do not believe that, that concert was a setting for that to happen. We have some very upset patrons that I will dealing with today. I would hope in the remaining concerts, that would not be allowed and just allow them to have an awesome Christmas experience.”

David said he could feel the tension in the crowd when sharing his story, and he was disappointed to see some fans leave, but that won’t stop him from sharing his experience, because he knows the message could help save lives.

David Archuleta

Archuleta — who placed second behind David Cook in season 7 of “American Idol” — grew up in a strict Mormon household, and says he had to keep his sexuality a secret. At one point, David says he contemplated taking his own life.

David tells us he’s taken a step back from his religion to regroup and determine what he wants spiritually, but continues to have fans and people from the LGBTQIA+ community urge him to share his story, one they believe can reach new ears and help even more people.

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