Barack Obama Jokes About Having a ‘Finsta’ Account – Now Fans Are Trying to Find It!

Barack Obama has fans freaking out on social media!

The 59-year-old former president teamed up with media company ATTN: to release a video encouraging voting-by-mail.

“Over the past few months, I’ve learned a thing or two from young people about how to quarantine successfully,” Obama says in the video.

“You’ve taught me how to make a mean sourdough starter – It looks awful. You showed me the Renegade Challenge — great name by the way — which I’ve been enjoying on my finsta,” Obama continued. If you didn’t know, “Renegade” was his Secret Service code-name.

Despite his message about the upcoming election, Obama using the term “finsta” is what really resonated with fans.

Obama is known for his playful humor and jokes, so we can’t be sure that he actually has a fake Instagram account, but it also doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have one!

Fans that took to Twitter, saying that they are on a mission now to find Obama‘s potential finsta.

“Operation Find Obama’s Finsta commences now,” one user tweeted, while another tweeted, “(national treasure voice) i am going to find barack obama’s finsta.”

“Are we placing bets on how long until we find the Obama finsta? I say three weeks,” another fan tweeted.

Happy hunting trying to find President Obama‘s finsta!

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