Barbara Evans Shares Pics of Jenelle’s Kids: Look! They’re Happy!

Jenelle Evans is officially doing all she can to earn her children back.

As just confirmed by The Hollywood Gossip, this polarizing MTV personality is headed to therapy and has agreed to take parenting courses — whatever it takes to become a full-time mother again.

In the meantime, however, Jenelle’s own mother has made a point to confirm something herself:

Her grandkids are doing very well at the moment, have no worries!

Amid the ongoing controversy of Jenelle and husband David Eason losing custody of their children (because their home is an unsafe enviroment, as recently proven by David’s assassination of a family pet), Barbara Evans has been thrust back into the spotlight.

She has been serving as the primary caregiver for Jenelle’s first-born, Jace, for many years now.

But Barbara is now also in charge of two-year old Ensley …

… and she wants the world to know that the toddler is happy, healthy and having tons of fun these days.

“Having fun at coast guard Day,eating hot dogs,frozen ice,and learning about rescue equipment,” Evans wrote as a caption to the photos above and below of her grandkids.

She shared these images on Saturday, June 1 and continued to receive praise from followers who are grateful that Barbara is giving the children a loving home.

Of course, some might interpret the following remarks as being more anti-Jenelle than they are pro-Barbara, but that doesn’t change the fact that Ensley was home just a few weeks ago when her dad beat her French Bulldog bloody and then shot it dead in the woods…

… and now she’s out and about, earing hot dogs and living the carefree, peaceful lifestyle that all kids deserve.

Jace and Ensley are accompanied in these images by their cousin, Gabriel.

They’ve gone viral in the wake of Jenelle and Eason failing to regain custody of her three kids and his daughter, Maryssa, during a Tuesday, May 28, court appearance.

As mentioned previously, Barbara already had custody of nine-year old Jace, who Jenelle shares with ex Andrew Lewis; while four-year old Kaiser is with his father, Nathan Griffith right now.

It’s a complicated and somewhat fluid situation.

However, a North Carolina judge told Jenelle that she “failed to protect the children while they were in her care” and the kids were removed last month after Eason killed the reality star’s dog because he allegedly snapped at Ensley.

Barbara showed support for her daughter after the ruling several days ago, but also for the well-being of her young loved ones. 

“Of course I would like for Jenelle to get them all back eventually,” she told E! News on Tuesday. “But certain things have to happen first.”

Jenelle, meanwhile, spoke to The Hollywood Gossip exclusively last week and said the following:

“I love my kids so much and I will do anything necessary to get them back and that is all I want everyone to understand.

“I love being a mother and David and I will get through this. We are staying strong and united.

“I ask everyone to have an open heart before they judge how the media is portraying me.”

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