Beyoncé Shared a Ton of Euro Vacation Photos With Rumi and Jay-Z on the Afternoon of the Met Gala

Beyoncé was photographed in Cannes, France recently, and while we are sad that she skipped the 2021 Met Gala, Bey hopped on Instagram to generously make up for her absence.

Bey shared three grid posts full of her European birthday vacation style. Notably, her four-year-old daughter Rumi appears in one shot with her and Jay-Z. It’s a very rare look at Bey’s family—and what her and Jay-Z’s dynamic is like when they’re on vacation.

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Beyoncé spoke to Harper’s Bazaar for its September issue about her hopes to just enjoy life more in her 40s. (Bey celebrated her 40th birthday on Sept. 4.)

“I’ve done so much in 40 years that I just want to enjoy my life,” she said. “It’s hard going against the grain, but being a small part of some of the overdue shifts happening in the world feels very rewarding. I want to continue to work to dismantle systemic imbalances. I want to continue to turn these industries upside down. I plan to create businesses outside of music. I have learned that I have to keep on dreaming. One of my favorite quotes is from the inventor Charles Kettering. It goes ‘Our imagination is the only limit to what we can hope to have in the future.’”

“I want to show that you can have fun and have purpose, be respectful and speak your mind,” she continued. “You can be both elegant and a provocateur. You can be curvy and still be a fashion icon. I wish this freedom for every person. I have paid my dues and followed every rule for decades, so now I can break the rules that need to be broken. My wish for the future is to continue to do everything everyone thinks I can’t do.”

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