Bond faces his most difficult opponent: Health and Safety

Bond faces his most difficult opponent yet as Health and Safety inspectors arrive at Pinewood following the stunt-gone-wrong explosion which blew up the set

  • HSE officials turned up on the Bond set yesterday following an explosion
  • The stunt is said to have featured a fireball ripping through a laboratory
  • It is the latest incident to beset the untitled 25th Bond movie, including the departure of director Danny, writing staff changes and Craig’s ankle injury

Health and Safety officials arrived on the set of the beleaguered new Bond movie yesterday, after an explosion ripped a hole in a sound stage and injured a member of the crew.

The inspection by government  officials is the latest in a strong of misfortunes for the  as-yet-untitled 25th installment of the franchise, due for release next April.

Three explosions on set left a crew member injured in a stunt-gone-wrong yesterday.

The production was put into ‘total lockdown’ after the incident at Pinewood Studios in London.

The official Twitter account for the 007 franchise confirmed: ‘During the filming of a controlled explosion on the set of Bond 25 today at Pinewood Studios, damage was caused to the exterior of the 007 Stage.

Pictured: Damage to the Bond 25 set today after three explosions blew holes in the set at Pinewood Studios 

A staff member was reportedly injured at Pinewood Studios in London when three blasts blew holes in the 007 set 

Damage done: ‘There were no injuries on set, however one crew member outside the stage has sustained a minor injury,’ the official statement claimed

Pictured: The Bond 25 set at Pinewood Studios where a crew member received a minor injury after three explosions 

The incident comes after leading man Daniel Craig (pictured) had to have ankle surgery

‘There were no injuries on set, however one crew member outside the stage has sustained a minor injury.’ 

Today The Sun claimed that a source close to the franchise had told the paper: ‘Forget new villain Rami Malek, the only people putting the stoppers on 007 right now are the government suits.

‘They marched in with their briefcases and told the Bond bigwigs they were investigating what had gone on.

‘It takes a lot of put Bond in his place, but this lot have.’.

A spokeswoman for the HSE, whose mission is ‘to prevent work-related death, injury and ill health’, said: ‘HSE is aware of the incident and making initial enquiries.’

The incident is the latest in a slew of hiccups to plague the currently untitled 25th Bond movie – with director Danny Boyle quitting, the writing team being constantly added to and star Daniel Craig suffering an ankle injury on location in Jamaica.

Original director Boyle left by mutual consent, after proposing to kill off 007.

No further official details are known about the stunt disaster at the time of writing, but The Sun reported that the explosion ‘took part of the roof off and at least five wall panels of the multi-million pound complex’.

A source said: ‘It was utter chaos. A fireball was supposed to go through the set. That was the stunt but something has gone horribly wrong. 

‘There were three loud explosions, one after another, and a member of the crew was lying on the floor outside the building injured. The place is now on total lockdown.’ 

Clean-up operation: ‘There were three loud explosions, one after another, and a member of the crew was lying on the floor outside the building injured. The place is now on total lockdown,’ a source reported

The curse of Bond 25: String of bad luck that has hit filming 

Today’s blasts are the latest mishap in a string of bad luck for the 25th film chronicling 007’s adventures.

The first blow came when director Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire) quit in August last year.

He argued with Daniel Craig over creative differences over casting for the lead villain.

Since then writing trouble has abounded as the screenplay is constantly re-written by director Cary Joji Fukunaga, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Craig himself.

In April, producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson said at the film’s launch that the blockbuster still doesn’t have title. 

And with less than a year until the release date, its leading man required surgery last month on his ankle after the star slipped while running.

The 51-year-old was filming on location in Jamaica at the time.  

The scene in question is said to have featured a fireball that rips through a laboratory.

It’s not known whether James Bond actor Daniel Craig was present at the time.

He was seen for the first time since injuring his ankle as he stepped out at Pinewood in Buckinghamshire on Thursday.

The actor, 51, appeared in pain as he made his way out of his trailer – after it was revealed he will have to undergo surgery on his foot.

The operation will be followed by two weeks of rehabilitation, causing further delays to filming the movie, which is set for a 3 April 2020 cinematic release.

The official Twitter account for Bond 25 released a statement concerning Craig’s injuries: ‘Daniel Craig will be undergoing minor ankle surgery resulting from an injury sustained during filming in Jamaica.

‘Production will continue whilst Craig is rehabilitating for two weeks post-surgery. The film remains on track for the same release date in April 2020’.

The Hollywood hunk was reportedly flown to the US after the fall so he could be examined by the same surgeon who has treated England soccer star Harry Kane.

The actor is said to have tweaked his ankle ligaments after falling during filming for a high-octane scene for his fifth outing as the iconic Secret Service Agent.

The British star is said to have flown to New York City for treatment, but is thought to be ‘furious’ that he injured himself after months of gruelling preparation for the role. 

Chaos: The production has reportedly been put into ‘total lockdown’ after the incident, which saw three explosions take place, injuring a crew member in the process

Update: The official Twitter account for the film franchise took to Twitter on Tuesday evening to confirm the reports in a statement

Footnote: He was seen for the first time since injuring his ankle as he stepped out at Pinewood in Buckinghamshire on Thursday

MailOnline contacted Daniel’s representatives for comment at the time. Bond 25 has been blighted by drama from the beginning, with Daniel’s involvement in the film initially thrown into question when he claimed that he would rather ‘slash his wrists than reprise the role’, before making a complete U-turn and signing up for the movie.

Filming for the movie began several weeks ago, four years after the previous Bond film, Spectre, was released.

Yet it has been claimed the screenplay for the film is being endlessly re-written by a committee consisting of director Cary Joji Fukunaga, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and 007 himself, Daniel.

leading ladies: Bond 25 cast [L-R] Lea Seydoux, Ana de Armas, Craig, Naomie Harris and Lashana Lynch began filming the new movie in April

‘She’s writing a re-write of a re-write,’ a source told the Daily Mail’s Baz Bamigboye of Waller-Bridge’s recent involvement in the project. ‘Daniel’s writing. Cary’s writing. The crew reckon they’re working on a well-polished s**t show.

‘They have an outline of plot, but dialogue is all last-minute. It’s not the way to make a movie. I would imagine they’ll sort it out in the cutting room. That’s where most movies get made anyway. But you’d think the Bond lot would be more together.’

The cast, led by Craig, Naomie Harris, Lea Seydoux, Lashana Lynch and Ana de Armas, began shooting on location in Jamaica but have returned to the UK and Europe to link up with fellow stars Rami Malek, Ralph Fiennes and Ben Whishaw. 

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