Caitlyn Jenner refuses to talk about gender reassignment on I’m A Celebrity

Caitlyn Jenner arrives in Australia for I’m A Celeb this week – but says she won’t be talking about anything Down Under.

Caitlyn – formerly Olympic gold medallist Bruce Jenner – had gender reassignment surgery in 2017.

But she says: “It is not something I talk about. Yes, I had gender confirmation and that for me was important. For many trans people it is not important to them. But for me it was. Femininity and womanhood is in your brain and in your soul. That is the issue.

“It is not what is between your legs. So yes, I had it done. But that is all out of respect to me, my privacy but also respect to the community. It is really not something you talk about.”

Caitlyn, 70, will earn £500,000 – one of the show’s biggest-ever fees. Her campmates include Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle and EastEnder Jacqueline Jossa.

But Caitlyn, who used to be married to Kim Kardashian ’s mum Kris, says she is not loaded. Speaking to Piers Morgan last year, she said: “I pay the rent and I do just fine. There is this perception you are worth $100million and it is not even close.

“I used to get paid well to do the show but have not done the show in two years. I’m not a millionaire. I am not worth a million dollars.”

Caitlyn says she is not stressed by the prospect of Celeb’s famous Bushtucker Trials.

And if campmates accidentally call her Bruce she won’t be fazed.

She adds: “It happens. I was Bruce for a long time. People will make mistakes and it is fine.”

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