Cheryl’s new single, Let You, PRAISED by fans as ‘her greatest hit’ as stunning video is finally released: ‘The Cheryl I loved is back’

Cheryl’s army of fans can’t get enough of her new single Let You , after the mum-of-one released the music video and anthem on Friday.

The electric new single features an 80’s-esque synth track with the lyrics: “Let you put your hands on my body, every time. I gave you what you wanted, but when am I gonna get mine?”

The video features Cheryl with a mystery male, before she dances with a group of friends – and at one stage, she appears completely topless while singing.

Fans in their masses have shared their thoughts on the new anthem – with many claiming they’re glad to see “our old Cheryl back”.

“Just watched @CherylOfficial “Let You” video. Wow! So glad to see the Cheryl I loved, is back. Perfect summer song,” one wrote, while another added: “you’ve beaten everyone with the best birthday present ever! I’ve had let you on repeat since it dropped & I never want to turn it off ! lysm!” [sic ]

“She’s BACK! This is the best single ever!” a third added.

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Revealing the meaning of the song, Cheryl told MailOnline: “For some reason, sometimes as women we allow a lot of bad behaviour and then we wonder why they treat us badly… it’s about setting boundaries and being like that’s not OK.

"It was really like, I'm mature enough to say it was my fault, I let you treat me that way.

“I only let you treat me that way because I let you and the video represents that as well, a girl, me, living in an apartment and then feeling empowered when I leave, dancing with my friends in the street, as you do!”

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However, she did deny that it was about any ex in particular.

She added: 'I'm not worried, I mean, obviously you know it’s coming from me so that’s bound to happen anyway, but I didn’t sit there writing anything from a personal experience.

"I wanted to write a song for everyone, especially women, to be like: 'Yeah, I get that,' they can sing along with it… it’s really not that deep!"

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