Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host asks Harry Redknapp for marriage advice

Chris quizzed the football manager after he revealed how he met his wife, Sandra. The 53-year-old found out Harry and Sandra have been married for 51 years and together for 55. He went on ask for any tips on marriage.

Speaking on his Virgin Radio Breakfast Show, Chris said: “Any tips for the rest of us to do with marriage?”

“Come on, tell us.”

Harry responded: “I don’t know with my missus she’s my life.

“I got to be honest, she’s a different class.”

Harry wasn’t able to reveal his secret to a happy marriage but did tell Chris how he met Sandra.

Harry said: “As a young footballer at West Ham about 17, me and a mate of mine decided to go to a dance at the two puddings pub in Stratford.

“It was all Motown music at the time in the 60s.

“And there was Sandra and her mate.

“Me and my pal, who was a goalkeeper at West Ham, decided to go have a dance with these two good-looking girls across the dance floor.

“Obviously my mate was better looking than me so when we walked over the pair of them probably thought ‘well, I hope I haven’t got him’.

“But Sandra ended up with me unfortunately for her.

“As it turned out, my mate the goalkeeper ended up being an undertaker so she had a result in the end.”

Chris laughed and asked Harry how long the pair have been together.

Harry said: “We have been married 51 years this year.

“We were going out for four years before that.”

Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6.30am.

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