Clearly in a lot of pain Lorraine Kelly supports Alice Evans amid split from husband

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ITV presenter Lorraine Kelly has taken to Twitter to throw her support behind Alice Evans following her split from actor Ioan Gruffudd. In a supportive post, the Scottish TV, 61, star said that the actress is “clearly” in a lot of pain while admitting that many people are “worried about her” following Alice’s appearance on Lorraine’s self-titled talk show earlier this week amid her public split from the Titanic actor.

She was very brave, honest and clearly still in a lot of pain

Lorraine Kelly

In view of her 665,500 followers the ITV presenter spoke out about the aftermath of talking to Alice, 53, adding that the star was clearly heartbroken over the situation.

Lorraine wrote: “Huge reaction to this interview.

“So many people relating to @AliceEvansGruff – she was very brave, honest and clearly still in a lot of pain.

“Lots of us worried about her.

“Glad she posted that’s she’s doing OK,” Lorraine ended the post.

Responding to the tweet, Alice left a line of red hearts.

During the interview, Lorraine had asked the handbag designer when she knew that something wasn’t right in her marriage.

Alice replied: “Only when my husband came back from his last season of a show called Harrow that he’d been filming in Australia.”

The actress told how Ioan flew back to continue filming following a break due to Covid and tracked his return flight back to Los Angeles once filming had ended.

She explained: “I feel like a fool because I watched the plane, you can sometimes see on the computer, you can see the plane flying from New Zealand, I stayed up all night and watched it come back to LA.

“He came in and hugged the kids and then very dryly gave me a kiss on the cheek and that was how I knew something was very wrong,” she told Lorraine.

Taking to Twitter early last week, Alice continued to publicly aired her marriage woes.

She claimed: “So it turns out that my husband, after two years of telling me I’m a bad person and I’m not exciting and he no longer wants to have sex with me and he just wants to be on set abroad… has been in a relationship for THREE YEARS behind all our backs.

“Good luck, Bianca.”

Following her tweets, Alice was inundated with both supportive comments from fans and disapproving remarks for speaking about her relationship so publicly.

The Twitter outrage came after Ioan went public with his new girlfriend Bianca Wallace on Instagram at the end of October.

He used an image of the pair laughing on what seems like a set with the caption: “Thank you for making me smile again @iambiancawallace.”

Alice announced the split from her husband in January on Twitter with a series of tweets.

She said in view of her 31,800 followers: “Sad news. My beloved husband/soulmate of 20 years, Ioan Gruffudd, has announced he is leaving his family, starting next week.

“Me and our young daughters are very confused and sad. We haven’t been given a reason except that he ‘no longer loves me’. I’m so sorry.” has contacted Ioan Gruffudd’s representatives for comment.

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