Cody Simpson Releases ‘Captain’s Dance with The Devil’ Video Directed by Miley Cyrus – Watch!

Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus have teamed up for a new music video!

The 23-year-old Australian singer released the music video for his song “Captain’s Dance with The Devil” – which was directed by the 27-year-old entertainer.

Miley also took control of the styling, cinematography, and makeup duties for the video.

“I entrusted Miley with full creative liberty in the conceptualization and direction of this visual,” Cody shared with Vogue about the video. “Allowing her to execute her vision and interpretation of the song itself.”

Cody went on to reveal the inspiration behind the video.

“The idea was birthed in our bathroom with Miley organizing her collection of lipstick,” Cody shared. “I picked up a stick having never looked at one so discerningly before, taken aback by the art of the packaging, the beauty of the Nars symbol embedded in the side, and remarking at how disappointed I’d be to see it ruined once used. This led to my curiosity in the art of makeup, and being educated by Miley on the process of ‘beating your mug’ and, in particular, the art of drag. It was then that the character of ‘Rebecca’ was born.”

Back in April, Miley gave Cody a very glam makeover!

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