Common Calls Out U.S. Women's Soccer Critics as Sexist

Common is sick and tired of watching female athletes get TRASHED by “sexist” sports fans who hold the women to a completely different standard than their male counterparts … and he’s calling for it to end. 

The rapper/actor/social activist was at LAX sporting a shirt that reads, “Love Her” — so we asked about the U.S. Women’s National Team getting no love from people upset with their 13-0 victory over Thailand. 

Some critics have called the team classless for celebrating after some of the late goals — and accused the team of unnecessarily running up the score against an obviously outmatched opponent. 

But, Common says we should be CELEBRATING the women and lifting them up for their accomplishments instead of looking for ways to put them down. 

“If they felt like celebrating then they celebrated,” Common explained … “They worked hard to get there. If they celebrated, that’s okay.”

Common also says this latest round of criticism is nothing new — saying “the whole country has been sexist” when it comes to sports … adding, “We just gotta erase that whole mentality.”

He also compared the plight of female athletes to black athletes — saying they face similar unfair criticism from the masses. 

But, check out the clip … Common says he’s a hardcore feminist and explains why he’s so passionate about the issue. 

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