Congresswoman Cori Bush Sleeps on Capitol Steps to Protest Evictions

Congresswoman Cori Bush spent the night sleeping on the steps of the U.S. Capitol to protest the end of the COVID eviction moratorium.

We got the Rep from Missouri Saturday morning after she spent a night with several other members of Congress — Ayanna Pressley and Ilhan Omar — to highlight the impending struggle of millions of people who will be evicted from their homes unless Congress extends the eviction moratorium.

Bush, who was once homeless herself, is frustrated Congress has just taken a 7-week recess without voting to extend renters’ protection.  Democrats tried and failed Friday to extend the law, so it’s a certainty that the law will expire today.

Bush made a personal plea to her fellow members, saying she’s been evicted 3 times in her life along with her 2 children. She says she lived in a car and tried conveying the harsh realities of living without a roof over your head.

Although Congress has recessed, there still may be some reprieve for at-risk tenants, because it often takes months for the eviction process to wind its way through the courts.

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