Dianne Buswell: Strictly pro ‘loves to hate’ boyfriend Joe Sugg as ‘annoying’ move exposed

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Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Dianne Buswell, 31, who is in a relationship with her former dance partner, Joe Sugg, 28, took to her Instagram story to reveal why he is “annoying”. The BBC favourite struggled to hide her feelings, and even played an embarrassing moment out to fans.

Oh, I love to hate him.

Dianne Buswell

Dianne, who was recording a voiceover from her home today, revealed that the YouTuber had interrupted one of her recordings.

In a short video, Dianne began to tell her 823,000 followers: “So I’m doing some voiceover work and Joe comes into the room, listen to this…”

The star quickly played her recording out loud, and fans could hear her saying: “Joe!”

Dianne added: “That was my reaction because Joe just farted when I was doing my voiceover,” which led her to cackle.

“Oh, I love to hate him, but I love him,” Dianne continued.

“He’s annoying but you can’t help but laugh and love him for doing that, for farting in my voiceover.”

The professional dancer went on to admit: “Needless to say, I’m not using that part.”

Dianne and Joe started dating after they came runner-up on Strictly Come Dancing two years ago.

The BBC stars recently gave their viewers an insight into their holiday in Dorset and the Jurassic Coast last week.

After the couple arrived, Joe decided to show his fans what their bedroom looked like in his latest vlog.

The Strictly star began by saying to the camera: “Because we got here first, we got first dibs.”

Viewers then saw Joe turn his camera to show Dianne, who was unpacking their things in one of the bedrooms.

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As the Strictly pro started to unhook her bra while fully clothed, Joe announced: “And then through here, is our bedroom!”

Soon after Joe realised Dianne was stripping off while he was filming her, he asked: “Are you getting your kit off?” as the TV personality started to dance and sing as she pulled down her bra.

Joe then quickly moved the camera away and added: “Oh my God, no. Oh my word.”

However, it wasn’t long before he continued to film his girlfriend and joke: “She’s escaped to the country.

“She’s getting her kit off.”

After Dianne had successfully removed her bra with minimal effort, Joe was clearly impressed and added: “Oh my God,” as she started swinging the piece up in the air.

The Australian beauty moved towards the camera while holding her lingerie, before Joe pressed: “How did you do that? Is it magic?”

Dianne soon attempted to fling it onto the vlogger’s camera, but it instead fell onto the floor, which left the couple in stitches.

Joe stated: “Absolute fail!” but Dianne managed to fling her bra at him on her second attempt.

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