Dick Strawbridge responds to Escape to the Chateau viewer over worrying fear

Escape to the Chateau: Dick buys a wood turning lathe

Dick Strawbridge, 61, and his wife Angel Adoree, 42, have captivated viewers across the nation with their creative and quirky ways as they renovate their very own 19th-century Château de la Motte-Husson on Channel 4’s Escape to the Chateau, based in in Martigné-sur-Mayenne, France. With eager fans watching their every move as they knock down, rebuild and redecorate their very own castle all while juggling family life with two young children, Dick found himself having to calm a viewers’ nerves by explaining a process that takes place at the Chateau every couple of years.

We burn it down every couple of years

Dick Strawbridge

Taking to Twitter after one episode, the fan worried that the pampas grass in the castle’s grounds, which is regularly used by Angel for her wedding decorations, might catch alight.

“No naked flames near that pampas #EscapeToTheChateau,” they panicked, but it wasn’t long before Dick revealed that burning the bush actually helps it flourish in the future.

“We burn it down every couple of years,” he explained.

Another fan agreed it was the best thing to do: “That’s the best way to rejuvenate Pampas grass!”

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Someone else noted: “Think it was the pampas Angel used she sprayed with hairspray.”

In recent episodes of the property renovation show, viewers have watched the couple erect a stunning orangery on the grounds of their establishment with the aim to entice more business to their hotel and wedding venue.

And as it was all coming together, Dick wanted to surprise his hard-working wife with a handmade finial to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary.

A finial is a pointed or decorative feature to mark the end of some sort of object, which in this case, was going to be used to finish off the spires located on the top of the orangery.

Taking to his workshop at the beginning of the programme, talented handy-man Dick explained he was going to use a table leg to create his soon-to-be masterpiece.

Soon enough he realised in order to erect his vision, he would need to buy a wood-turning lathe to help create a point at the end of the blunt piece of timber.

As with most aspects of their gorgeous dwelling, it came at a hefty price as he told the cameras he’d “been a bit naughty and bought himself a new toy”.

The narrator said: “For less than the cost of buying one new finial, Dick has got himself a not-so-new woodturning lathe.”

“This has seen some service,” Dick added, as he was seen tampering with the device in order to get it to work.

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“It looks really rather old but the beauty of this visit’s got a lot of life left in it. Anything that goes in this can be fixed.

“That is a seriously beautiful thing. I am not an expert by any stretch in woodturning.”

When he’d finished, Angel was over the moon with the heartfelt gift and it was placed on the roof of the orangery.

Later in the episode, the pair and their family were seen celebrating their five years of marriage with a grand dinner.

And as viewers gear up for the next episode, poor Dick had to take to social media to apologise that they will have to wait a little longer than expected to see the next instalment of the programme.

“Oh No – 7 more days until the next #EscapeToTheChateau,” an initial Twitter post read.

The 61-year-old soon responded to them with some bad news.

“Sorry Alison, the next and final programme is on Christmas evening….”

Escape to the Chateau’s festive special airs today at 8:10pm on Channel 4.

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