‘Don’t believe in cancel culture’ Lorraine Kelly defends airing opinion amid censorship

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Lorraine Kelly, 61, is set to make her return to her ITV show this week after her summer break. However, the star has also opened up in a new interview about how she feels about “cancel culture”.

The daytime television host hit out at the movement, claiming people should not be censored

Lorraine has been enjoying some time with her family off-screens for the last few months.

However, now she’s about to make her return to ITV, the star has been opening up about her career.

As her fans will know, she is well known for making her opinions clear when hosting her mid-morning show.

The broadcaster is often praised for grilling her interviewees as well as airing her own views.

Now, Lorraine has spoken out against cancel culture in a new interview.

She said: “I am quite sassy. I do give my opinions on things and I know that can be dangerous these days, especially on live telly.”

The presenter also added to the Mirror how she is reluctant to censor anyone, “even if I fundamentally disagree with someone’s point of view.”

Lorraine continued: “I don’t believe in cancel culture.

“People aren’t going to change their mind – they’re just going to go underground.

“They’re still going to have vile opinions.

“You have to lift the stone and air things.”

Elsewhere, Lorraine has announced her return to her television show.

Posting last week, the star shared a trailer for her return to ITV.

She penned: “Back soon on @lorraine – I’ve missed you!

“Daytime friends @thismorning @gmb @loosewomen.”

Elsewhere, Lorraine hit out at a husband and wife team of elephant hunters on social media.

She was reacting to a post from The New Yorker about the duo boasting over killing an elephant.

Lorriane did not hold back from airing her thoughts about the video.

Posting in view of her 653,000 followers, she wrote: “Utter utter t***s.”

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