Duchess Meghan stepped out for her second post-Sussexit event in Vancouver

On Tuesday, the Duchess of Sussex made her first post-Sussexit appearance at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in Vancouver. There was no press in attendance, but Meghan had tea with some of the workers and volunteers, and she posed for a photo which was posted to the center’s Facebook page. If she was trying to signal what her new charitable-appearance model would be, she did it well. That visit was a preview of more charitable appearances. On Wednesday, Meghan stopped by the office of Justice For Girls, a non-profit with a big scope:

Justice for Girls was formed in 1999, in response to local, national, and international calls for “girl only” programs and services that acknowledge and address the specific needs and vulnerabilities of girls, particularly in relation to homelessness, poverty, and violence. We locate our work within the overall project of women’s equality. We believe it is necessary to eliminate violence and poverty in young women’s lives in order to bring about equality. Recognizing and addressing the intersecting/interlocking forms of oppression that young women face is fundamental to our work toward ending violence against girls and young women.

[From JFG’s website]

According to JFG’s social media (see below), Meghan stopped by to discuss climate justice for girls and the rights of Indigenous people. This is the kind of stuff Meghan has wanted to do this whole time – even if she can’t dedicate herself full-time to women’s shelters and girls-advocacy programs, she can use her star power to raise the profiles of charities and foundations and hopefully help bring in more money and more resources. Again, to the UK: you could have had a bad bitch. But you blew it. Also, on a superficial note, I love her cable-knit sweater.

— Justice For Girls (@JFG_Canada) January 16, 2020

JFG photos courtesy of JFG’s social media, additional photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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