Ethan Suplee of ‘My Name is Earl’ lost weight and got buff

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When I think of Ethan Suplee, the first character that comes to mind is the dimwitted, schlubby Randy Hickey from My Name is Earl. But he’s got a very impressive resume in Hollywood, including American History X, Remember the Titans and Chance, with Hugh Laurie, in which I thought Ethan was great as D. Whatever you remember him from, a certain image comes to mind when you think of him and it certainly is not of the guy in the header IG post. But that’s exactly who it is. Ethan has been on a weight journey for a few decades now, one that comes from redefining his relationship with food, all of which he is documenting on his new podcast, American Glutton.

Ethan Suplee fans have been left stunned after the actor revealed his impressive weight loss transformation, which he is documenting on his new podcast, American Glutton.
In the premiere episode of the podcast, which was released earlier this week, the 43-year-old Remember the Titans star discussed his relationship with food and how it’s changed over the years, starting with unhealthy binge-eating habits he started at the young age of 5.

“I learned really quickly that if I wanted a second helping of lasagna, when I cleared my plate, I had to eat it in the kitchen without them seeing, that I was not supposed to have that second helping of lasagna,” Suplee said on the podcast, recalling a trip to his grandparents’ house in Vermont in which they expressed concern over his weight.

“I was also made to walk every day, which was ‘exercise,’ which I hated. I did not like being put on this forced march every morning” he continued.

“I just started practicing sneaking food,” he said, adding that the behavior continued into his preteen and teenage years. By age 10, Suplee said he weighed more than 200 pounds, and his parents put him on a diet, starting years of on-and-off dieting.

Suplee said that he used food, alcohol and drugs to “numb” himself throughout his teenage years. “Health wasn’t something I ever thought about.”

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After getting sober in 2002, Ethan tried any diet he could, losing and gaining back weight many times over. But looking after his health came at a cost to his career. In one of the more interesting bends in his weight loss road, he found Hollywood had little interest in a leaner Ethan. If he wanted to keep acting, he had to gain back the weight.

“I lost a s—load of weight. I went from 530 to, at my lowest, 220,” Suplee said, adding that he developed a passion for cycling after My Name Is Earl, on which he played Randy Hickey, was canceled in 2009. “At 220, I was very, very thin.”

But when he returned to acting a few years later, hundreds of pounds lighter, he said that it was more difficult for him to find work.

“At some point I was like, ‘Well f—, I’m just gonna get fat again because maybe it’ll be better for work,’” he said. “And honestly, it was.”

Ethan said he almost lost the role of D on Chance that I liked him in so much due to the fact that he’d trimmed down. He assured the show runner he would gain weight for the role and got the role after he, in fact, filled out as promised.

I’m glad that Ethan has finished his journey where he wanted. I’m really happy he chose his health, ultimately. I hope Hollywood rewards him by not insisting he only play one type of aesthetic. He is still as talented, just in a different frame. It is so bonkers that Hollywood gets to dictate who has to look like what. Anyone can be talented, anyone can be funny, anyone can be attractive, they don’t have to be sorted by some regimented size chart.

This is Ethan in 2011, noticeably slimmer, before he had to regain weight to get hired

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