‘Everyone is so terrified’ Joan Collins hits out at cancel culture for stifling opinions

Joan Collins says people are 'terrified' to say the wrong thing

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Dame Joan Collins was a guest on ITV’s This Morning earlier today to speak about her new book. The beloved author opened up to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about how she isn’t afraid to speak her mind in a candid chat.

Joan’s new book My Unapologetic Diaries was released last month and features a host of insights into her showbiz life.

In the memoir, she speaks honestly about her thoughts on everyone from Donald Trump to Pamela Anderson.

However, speaking to Phillip and Holly, she was questioned about if anyone had been offended by her comments.

The Hollywood legend did admit she landed in some hot water after calling an unnamed royal “boring”.

But the star then shared how she plans to keep speaking her mind in a dig at cancel culture.

Joan explained: “I just feel like everyone is so terrified of saying the wrong thing today.

“I say what I feel and if people don’t like it, then that’s really sad.”

She went on to admit, she’s been at the receiving end of nasty comments as well.

“But I’ve had rotten, rotten things written about me,” Joan continued.

“Much crueller than what I said about Pamela Anderson or anybody else.

“I mean really vile from the time I was 17 and came into the business.

“So if you can’t stay in the game, get off it because it’s tough!”

Elsewhere, Joan has previously opened up about cancel culture in another candid chat.

Speaking to the Daily Mail earlier this year, she shared her thoughts.

Joan said: “The thing is you can’t say anything these days without being cancelled.

“Am I allowed to say, ‘These orchids are fake?’ because they are!

“Well, forget it, I’m not kow-towing to cancel culture.”

Joan’s new book features her “uncensored diaries” from her time in the spotlight.

According to its synopsis: “Often outrageous, the entries were almost written entirely in real time.

“Most were done within ten hours of the events Joan describes, and many are hilarious.

“Whether it is an encounter with a member of the Royal Family, or her keen and honest insights of other celebrities at parties or dinners, Joan doesn’t care.”

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