F*** off Sex Educations Asa Butterfield fumes at fans as he has to slap away phones

Sex Education trailer for season three released by Netflix

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Asa Butterfield is much-beloved as Otis Milburn in Netflix’s hit series Sex Education. However, the star has now been left fuming as fans keep taking pictures of him when he’s out and about.

Posting on Twitter last night, the 24-year-old actor said he was “so tired” of people taking his picture without permission.

Asa penned in view of his 403,000 followers: “I’m so tired of people filming me/taking pics without asking while I’m on a night out.

“It actually kills my mood and my night, f*** off, leave me be please.”

In another tweet, the star revealed he’s had to “slap” phones away on a night out.

He added: “Tweeting this from a cab home after I’ve had to slap multiple phones out my face tonight.”

In a third tweet, Asa then shared a picture of his cat, as he penned: “Anyway look at my cat.”

The star recently returned in the latest series of Sex Education.

The third outing on Netflix sees his character, Otis, back at Moordale High School for a new year.

However, it seems as the show’s popularity grows, so does his fame.

Plenty of people weighed in following Asa’s plea on social media.

One follower named E o Fichas! replied: “It comes out by the fact of being a celebrity. Deal with it or choose another career.”

To this, Asa hit back: “Wow I had no idea, thank you for enlightening me.”

Others were sympathetic about Asa’s plea, posting their apologies about his experience.

User Green Lantern 66 penned: “I’m a huge fan and i wouldn’t even make eye contact unless you were at a premier or somehwere for publicity.(sic)

“Personal life is personal. People have no respect.”

Another named Alyssa wrote: “They could really just tweet “I just saw that sex Ed otis guy” and no one would ask for proof.”(sic)

A third named Eruptic added: “Well season 3 is no. 1 everywhere. This is probably the worst timing.”

Asa has been wowing fans in the latest season of Sex Education, which he stars in with people like Gillian Anderson and Ncuti Gatwa.

However, the actor has been in the public eye for a long time.

He began his career in 2008 when he appeared in The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

Asa has also appeared in films like Hugo, Ender’s Game and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

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