Geena Davis Settles Bitter Divorce After Five-Year Battle

The ‘Thelma and Louise’ actress has reached a settlement in her bitter divorce battle with former husband Reza Jarrahy after they ended their 17-year marriage.

AceShowbiz -Actress Geena Davis has finally put her fourth marriage behind her after settling her bitter divorce from plastic surgeon Reza Jarrahy.

The former couple has spent almost five years fighting over divorce details after ending their 17-year marriage in 2017.

According to a Page Six source, Jarrahy wanted to end the marriage through mediation, dividing their assets and sharing custody of their three kids, a 19-year-old daughter and 17-year-old twin boys, but the “Thelma and Louise” star claimed she and the doctor were never actually legally married and insisted on taking him to court.

The terms of the deal are confidential but the source reveals Reza agreed to settle “just to put this behind him and be free of the nightmare Geena has caused for him.”

The insider adds, “The legal fees drove Reza to the brink of bankruptcy. For months on end he had to sleep on friends’ couches, in their spare rooms, and even in his car at times in order to keep up with payments to his lawyer. He couldn’t have his kids with him while living like that, and it broke his heart.”

Davis recently sold the pair’s former Pacific Palisades, California home.

Lawyers and representatives for Davis and Jarrahy’s attorney have yet to respond to requests for comment.

The actress testified she did not believe she was ever legally married to Jarrahy, even though video footage of the ceremony exists.

The Oscar winner maintained she and her ex never obtained a marriage licence and were married by his father, who she insisted was not qualified under New York law to marry the couple. Jarrahy insisted his father was a legal officiant under Islamic law and reminded Geena she once talked about her “marriage” during a TV interview with Oprah Winfrey.

During a deposition, Davis confessed she had lied to Winfrey.

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