I look like s**t! Call The Midwifes Jenny Agutter worries about disappointing fans

Call the Midwife: Jenny Agutter discusses Nonnatus's house

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Call The Midwife viewers are used to seeing Jenny Agutter, 68, dressed head to toe in her nun’s habits as she portrays her long-running character Sister Julienne, who has been a cornerstone of the popular programme since 2012. But the actress joked that she often surprises her fans when they spot her out and about away from the TV screen.

I think people are disappointed if they bump into me in the supermarket and I look like s***!

Jenny Agutter

In a new interview, she chuckled: “I think people are disappointed if they bump into me in the supermarket and I look like s**t!”

During her chat with Woman and Home magazine, the actress looked ageless as she posed for the January issue.

The BBC star oozed elegance as she wore neutral tones to complement the gorgeous shoot backdrops.

But while she looked the epitome of elegance in embellished tops and a feather-clad dress, appearance has never been something that has bothered the her.

While she’s conscious of her clothes getting little too tight, Jenny admitted she doesn’t get hung up on diets.

“I do not want to change my clothes size,” she insisted.

“So every time something gets tight, I just go: ‘Right, less cheese, no butter and cream, no sugar and sweets, no wine.’

“And I just don’t eat quite so much!”

She went on to explain: “People who go on diets become obsessed with food and all you think about is eating.

“I love food, I just don’t go overboard if my clothes get too tight!”

But it’ll be something that’s on the minds of many now Christmas is just around the corner but for the TV star, her attention is on bigger things.

As the festive period draws ever closer, that also means one thing – the Call the Midwife Christmas special will soon be here, too.

Last year, the BBC show pulled out all the stops to ensure the special aired after the tough and challenging year that had passed.

In a new interview, she said: “I was so pleased we were able to get back to filming for last year’s Christmas special.

“I think the BBC wanted to make it happen for families during that time.”

“We all felt that it was important.”

She went on to tell Woman and Home that the cast and crew were so relieved they were able to do so, explaining: “We all felt, whatever the circumstances – and for some people the pandemic has been dire at times, with isolation and the lack of community – it felt like a good thing to do.

“And it was lovely getting back to work.”

But she quickly: “Delivering babies from six feet away is hard!”

The January issue of Woman and Home is on sale today.

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