Inside Corrie star Alan Halsall incredible transformation to super-buff hunk

Coronation Street star Alan Halsall is best known for playing lovable Tyrone Dobbs in the ITV soap, but he's undergone a sexy makeover in recent years.

Alan, 36, has totally transformed his body, going from cuddly to buff after hitting the gym.

It's believed he kicked started his lifestyle changes after the breakdown of his relationship with wife Lucy-Jo Hudson, who played Katy Harris in the show.

The pair confirmed their marriage was over back in April 2018, and newly-single Alan turned his focus to exercise.

He complained his four-hour work-outs left him with blisters on his hands and feet, and would often spend whole days there exercising.

As well as hitting the gym, he took on a lot of sports and would spend hours playing football and badminton.

He previously told The Sun : "I’ve had a PT (personal trainer) for about four/five months.

"I’ve been coming to the gym for a few years now.

"I've transformed myself a little bit and people have seen that.

"I have a pre-workout meal, I work out, then I have a post-workout meal or a swim and a steam.

"I can come here and learn my lines. You can pretty much spend the day here."

As well as transforming his body, Alan has also undergone two hair transplants to give himself a sexy new look.

He has his most recent procedure earlier this year and insisted he was not ashamed of trying to improve his looks.

Since I had my first a few years ago I've spoken with so many men who have confidence issues etc because of their hair, maybe this will let some of them know they have options and people have it done all the time.

"It's not something to be ashamed of."

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