Is 90 Day Fiance Racist? Hit Show Accused of Xenophobia, Misogny

90 Day Fiance is a massively successful franchise consisting of an ever-growing bouquest of spinoffs.

Memes from the show are spread far and wide, some shared by people who have never watched the show.

The cultural impact of this hit TLC series cannot be questioned.

But what a growing portion of the audience — even hardcore fans — are questioning is whether the show's cultural impact is a good thing.

The show has undertones of racism, xenophobia, and misogyny.

This isn't just about the stars, either.

At every stage of the process, it sometimes appears that 90 Day Fiance aims to appeal to the worst assumptions that viewers already have.

This doesn't mean that we can't watch 90 Day Fiance or enjoy it, but it's important to be cognizant of exactly what we are consuming.

And 90 Day Fiance has some real problems that are growing bigger as the show tries to outdo past seasons with each new season and spinoff.

1.90 Day Fiance has a race problem

2.Not all racism looks the same

3.This is a complicated, multi-faceted topic

4.In a way, 90 Day Fiance is not alone

5.Step 1: Casting

6.Step 2: Meddling

7.Step 3: Editing

8.90 Day Fiance has done all of this

9.The worst behavior gets rewarded

10.90 Day Fiance goes beyond that

11.Xenophobia is a funny thing

12.That one gets xenophobes riled up the most

13.It's not always openly hostile

14.They're 90 Day Fiance's first gay couple

15.They had real concerns about their future …

16.See, a lot of viewers already have assumptions

17.No amount of "research" can fix bigotry

18.Speaking of "research"

19.Victim-blame much?

20.Xenophobia makes for strange bedfellows

21.Whatever they think of Yazan, they hate Brittany more

22.This is where the "research" line comes up

23.They think that Jordan is too "other" for any American

24.Brittany is not alone

25.There's even more

26.Look at how immigrants are portrayed

27.And the infamous "gold digger" accusations

28.The rest of the world is shown as poor and dangerous

29.It's okay to discuss poverty

30.So … is 90 Day Fiance racist?

31.There's one piece of good news

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