Jared Padalecki Hints That Sam & Dean Might Die at the End of ‘Supernatural’

Jared Padalecki thinks his iconic Supernatural character might not survive the show’s series finale.

The 36-year-old actor says that the long-running series’ lead characters, Sam and Dean Winchester, might have to die when Supernatural comes to an end after its 15th season.

“If they die – I don’t know, I don’t think it’s written yet – but if they do die, I want them to die going out doing something they love that will make the world a better place,” Jared told TV Guide. “Part of me thinks that’s the only way to end Supernatural. Because if the boys were alive, they’d be hunting, and if they’re hunting, I want to see them hunting. Maybe that’s the way it goes, I don’t know.”

But just because that might be the way the show has to end doesn’t mean it’s the way Jared wants it to end.

“I want Season 15 to be a great season, obviously. It’s our last season. But I want it to feel like it’s gonna go on,” he said. “I don’t want Sam to feel like it’s the ending. I want Sam to feel like he’s still making a difference, that he’s still helping other people. And so, I don’t want it to feel like doom and gloom, too much…I want Sam to still fight, to keep fighting and keep supporting his brother and his friends and his family.”

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