Jason Aldean concert goers break out into 'F— Joe Biden' chant

Hannity reveals why ‘Let’s go Brandon’ chants are breaking out nationwide

‘Hannity’ host highlights the crises the Biden administration faces

Country music fans were seen chanting “F— Joe Biden” at a recent Jason Aldean concert. 

“Country Music Fans chant ‘FJB’ at a Jason Aldean Concert. #FJB #LetsGoBrandon,” a Twitter user posted on Saturday evening, accompanied by video of the scene. 

“You said it,” Aldean tells the crowd as they continue chanting. 

The video appears to have originally been posted on TikTok last week, while Aldean was on tour in Florida. 

People chanting “F— Joe Biden” during sporting events, concerts and protests has spread across the country in recent days, including ahead of a different Aldean concert earlier this month in Virginia. 

Critics of Biden – who are taking issue with his foreign policies, the supply chain crisis, the border crisis, and other policies – have also taken to chanting “Let’s go Brandon” in recent days. 

That phrase took over social media earlier this month after an NBC interview with NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Brandon Brown. Fans of NASCAR were chanting “F— Joe Biden” during the interview, and in an apparent attempt to steer the interview away from politics, reporter Kelli Stavast said they were chanting “Let’s Go Brandon,” in support of Brown. 

The interview soon went viral, with memes circulating and critics mocking NBC. “Let’s go Brandon” almost immediately became synonymous with criticism of the Democratic president.

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