Jenelle Evans Claps (Cheeks) Back at Haters After Joining OnlyFans

We are all powerless in the face of Jenelle Evans and David Eason joining OnlyFans.

The issue isn’t OnlyFans, the adult content subscription platform that has enabled countless hard-working creators to make a living.

Jenelle and David are the issues. The only thing keeping Jenelle from being her own worst enemy is, well, that her husband exists.

She doesn’t want to hear it, though. Jenelle is making herself the butt of the joke by attempting to twerk her booty to spite the haters, or something.

Jenelle Evans front pic "spicy site" tiktok

Jenelle Evans is many things, and not all of them are good. Some are bad, some are alarming.

But even her harshest critics will give her this much if they’re being honest: she’s hot.

The 30-year-old fallen reality star shared a TikTok video recently in which she was lounging outside in a pink bikini.

The video began with a closeup of Jenelle’s face, but at first, it was the text that drew attention.

“Listening to the judgment about my life …” the text began.

This is when Jenelle rose, making it clear that she was in a teeny bikini, and began to dance to music.

Jenelle Evans backside "spicy site" tiktok

“Starts a spicy site,” Jenelle’s text continued.

That could only be a reference to OnlyFans, especially given that so many of her other recent ventures have blown up or fizzled out.

“At this point I don’t care,” Jenelle claimed, inviting her critics to “#judgeme.”

There is a lot to talk about with that, but Jenelle was not done.

She posted another clip featuring that same pink bikini, which she displayed in response to the question: “Can we see your swimsuit?”

Jenelle was sure to put her plump peach in center frame. You can’t miss it!

You can see all of that in the video that we included.

However, Jenelle is of course doing this not simply to clap back at critics, but to promote her OnlyFans.

After so many years making headlines, she knows how to attract attention. Even condemnation will spread awareness of her OnlyFans — and, with it, curiosity.

Obviously, creating content for OnlyFans — like any kind of sex work — is a perfectly valid way to make a living, bring in extra cash, or just get paid for doing what you love.

(Not everything on the platform is sex work; there are cooking shows and lifestyle vlogs that use that site instead of Patreon)

Jenelle is not the first from the franchise to branch out onto OF.

But that doesn’t mean that criticisms of Jenelle aren’t valid — it just means that sex-negative weirdos are missing the mark when they lodge their complaints.

Jenelle has taken many steps to ruin her own life and, worse, the lives of her children.

She may blame her “haters” for ruining her life because her projects get backlash, but this is one of those cases when her choices have made it impossible for someone to support her in good conscience.

Not everyone is too worried about their conscience, however … especially when they are horny.

This may be the secret to her OnlyFans project, because there’s no public face or fellow co-star to call her out or distance themselves from her.

People can anonymously give Jenelle money because they’re horny for her (or even for her awful husband). This could, unfortunately, be Jenelle’s long-awaited success story.

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