Joe Biden’s camp views the Trump loser-melodrama as ‘a comedy of errors’

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Look at our president, you guys! Double-masking it, like a boss. President-elect Biden and Dr. Jill Biden stepped out in Philadelphia yesterday to mark Veterans Day. Their son Beau was a major in the JAG Corps who served in Iraq. Joe and Jill’s visit was to the Philadelphia Korean War Memorial, where they basically just did a counter-programming event to Donald Trump’s rainy Arlington service at the same time. The Philadelphia event had the benefit of not being drenched in rain. Which added to the presidential aura!

As for the dumbf–kery happening around the transition and Donald Trump’s refusal to concede… the president-elect is staying laser-focused on what he can do, and he knows his biggest priority coming in will be the pandemic. I was thinking about this too: on January 20th, probably around 3 pm, the conservative media will dump all of the awful coronavirus news at Biden’s feet and they’ll start screaming about “why hasn’t he solved this yet??” Those people will completely blank out the fact that Trump did nothing for ten months, and that the Trump administration is actively thwarting Biden’s transition plans. Speaking of, Politico had a story about “jittery Washington” and what President Biden is doing to calm nerves:

Joe Biden’s campaign strategy just crashed into Washington’s alternate reality. In his public appearances and statements since media outlets confirmed his victory on Saturday, the president-elect has kept the temperature low and offered reassurances that the transfer of power will proceed as dictated by law, even as President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans attempt to use the federal bureaucracy to stall his ascension to the White House. It’s a familiar strategy Biden’s team has employed throughout the general election: follow the rules, model the behavior of a typical president and reject Trump’s attempts to draw the narrative into fantasyland.

Still, Bob Bauer, one of the campaign’s top lawyers, acknowledged in a call with POLITICO Tuesday that most of the day’s actions — from Biden’s news conference, to a media briefing with the legal team — revolved around reassuring Americans that Trump’s efforts to impede Biden’s transition would fail. Trump, said Bauer, has turned into the “Boy who Cried Wolf,” and reiterated that there was no ambiguity about the election results. In an earlier call with reporters, Bauer said recent remarks from Republicans casting doubts on the results of the election amount to “noise, not really law; theatrics, not really lawsuits.”

Biden advisers view Trump’s legal and PR efforts as a comedy of errors. They watched in bemusement as Rudy Giuliani held a news event in Philadelphia near a porn shop, in the parking lot of Four Seasons Total Landscaping (after Trump had to tweet a correction that the event would not take place at the high-end hotel). The first person Giuliani called to the podium to lodge baseless vote fraud allegations was a convicted sex offender, POLITICO reported Monday. And David Bossie, the adviser Trump tapped to oversee the campaign’s legal challenges, just tested positive for the coronavirus.

But even as Biden plows ahead, some of his allies are encouraging him and his team to do more to draw attention to the holdup. Biden has downplayed the damage that a delay to the start of a transition can do, but others have been emphasizing a need to get his transition team officials into federal agencies in order to get a handle on the pandemic and minimize any lapses in national security.

“We want this to be a very public issue,” said David Shulkin, who was undersecretary of Veterans Affairs in the final years of the Obama administration before serving just over a year as Trump’s Veterans Affairs secretary. Speaking at an event on Tuesday, Shulkin said, “We want, obviously, President-elect Biden to talk about why this transition process is so important and to make sure that this does not go off track with the pandemic facing all of us.”

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I mean, we’ll know in a few months if this is the best strategy from the Biden camp. They’re always getting pressure from within the party to react to Trumpland dramas differently. I feel like Biden’s best asset is that he’s “the adult in the room,” and he’s not going to get sucked into a fascist loser’s crybaby melodrama. That being said, all of those Biden allies and party elders who are trying to exert pressure on Biden to behave differently right now… they should all be blanketing the airwaves of CNN, Fox News, etc to call Trump out for what he’s doing. Say it out loud, on air. Call him what he is: a coward and a loser who is living in an unhinged delusion.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) November 11, 2020

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