Johnny Knoxville & Steve-O Hospitalized TWO DAYS Into Filming Jackass 4 – All From Trying This Stunt!

Who said being a jackass was easy!?

Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O might make low-brow physical comedy look like a walk in the park, but they were no match for a ridiculous stunt while filming the upcoming Jackass 4 movie. In fact, the pair have both been hospitalized for injuries they got from trying it out!

The revelation was made on Tuesday by co-star Bam Margera, who told fans that the 49-year-old and 46-year-old pranksters had injured themselves two days into filming by “jumping on a full-speed treadmill with band equipment.” (Yup, sounds about right.) Bam broke the news to fans on his website, telling them:

“It’s the second day of filming Jackass already and Steve-O and Knoxville were hospitalised by jumping on a full-speed treadmill with band equipment – like a f**king tuba.”

A tuba!? Womp womp.

While Johnny and Steve-O suffered the worst injuries, Bam apparently sustained some of his own, revealing:

“So yeah, I’m here are the clinic now, taking a p*** test. Rock’n’roll, oh yeah – I’ve got the scars too. Yeah man.”

As per usual, these indestructible stars are not seriously injured, according to ScreenRant, and will resume filming when they’re able to do so. Phew!

Jackass 4 is due to be released on September 3, 2021 — over a decade after the controversial franchise’s last feature length film, Jackass 3D, was released in 2010. News of Jackass 4 was confirmed at the end of 2019, with the remaining cast of the iconic MTV show set to reunite for a fourth feature film.

As fans know, the cast suffered a tragedy since the last film’s release: in 2011, original cast member Ryan Dunn was killed when his Porsche 911 GT3 veered off the road at high speed, hit a tree and burst into flames — just nine days after his 34th birthday.

Meanwhile, Bam has suffered his own series of personal setbacks. As we reported, he’s entered rehab multiple times for substance abuse and mental health issues, and even reached out to Dr. Phil for help. But, weirdly enough, it sounds like putting his physical health at risk again is doing wonders for Bam’s mental health. Whatever works, we guess?

We hope these fellas heal up quickly and stay safe… or, you know, as safe as one can be while filming a Jackass movie.

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