Kate Beckinsale is our queen as she takes down troll in x-rated clapback

Kate Beckinsale is our hero as she proved once and for all she was not someone to be messed with in the Instagram comments.

The star had posted a shot of herself looking all sorts of perfection at a Women In Hollywood party at Soho House, Los Angeles, on Friday, keen to show off just how great she looked. Hey, if we were rocking those curls and frilly, white dress like Kate Beckinsale, we’d do the exact same thing.

But of course any sort of ‘felt cute might delete later’ vibe is like catnip to the haters, who love to take down a tall poppy, no matter how legendary they are.

Enter one troll in particular, who really, honestly, should have known better than to come for Kate, 46.

When one misinformed follower wrote underneath one of Kate’s shots: ‘Looking like Madame Tussauds artificial puppets,’ she clapped back in a rather x-rated reply: ‘Let’s swap so I can look like a bald c**ty man.’

Shots. Fired.

This troll wasn’t done though, as they took the bait and kept running in Kate’s direction, proving that you really must not feed the trolls.

After they asked Kate why she was so ‘pettish’ and saying they simply liked her better without all the ‘glamour’ (the gall!) the actress fired one last, scathing comment to shut them down.

‘Have you tried your compliments on actual women or just inflatable?’ she wrote. ‘They might need a polish.’

Another of Kate’s zingers was picked up by the sleuths at Comments By Celebs, who noted one who slammed the star, for no reason whatsoever.

‘Diplo: fake-fake-fake and fake. Kate Beckinsale: you can’t handle the truth…w/o lashing out like an injured scorpion…not a good look honey…kind of like when you were playing tonsil hockey with Pete Davidson at the Lakers game…’ one rather frosty follower wrote.

Um, excuse us, but that moment of Kate with Pete at the hockey was iconic. Iconic, we tells you. Just ask Antoni Porowski.

‘I love it when you call me honey,’ Kate first shot back, as another reminded the troll that it was a hockey game…not at the Lakers.

We all make mistakes though, as Kate very rightly and hilariously pointed out as she replied: ‘All the different types of hockey are legitimately confusing.’

It’s not the first time Kate has unloaded on a follower – heck it’s not the first time this year – as the Underworld star has come to be one of the best takedown queens on Instagram.

Just recently she hit back at claims she was hanging out with Machine Gun Kelly, after followers felt it totally appropriate to attack her in her comments.

She uploaded a video of her cat, Willow, knocking over a glass of rosé on her Instagram account earlier this month only to be met with a barrage of criticism about who she may or may not have been dating.

‘Machine gun Kelly Really? I’m out!! You are now infected,’ one user commented.

Kate had no time for the tomfoolery and responded: ‘Why don’t you worry about things that are actually happening and donate to the Australian wildfires rather than waste your time on things that are not happening and never were and also please get a f**king life.’

That’s one brilliant way to deal with trolls. And to help society – everyone go donate to a good cause now. Stat.

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