Katie Piper reveals she’s finally been discharged from treatment after 10 days following worrying sepsis battle

Katie Piper was rushed to hospital over 10 days ago, revealing at the time that she wouldn’t be going home anytime soon.

Letting fans know on her Instagram, the mum wrote: “Ignored some symptoms because of being too busy and now I am in hospital with a bad infection!

"Moral of the story, always listen to your body. I am being looked after by some fantastic NHS nurses and doctors as always.”

During her stay, the 35 year old bravely kept fans up to date on her progress.

And today, she delivered the wonderful news that she had finally been discharged – while revealing details of what ilness she was suffering with.

Alongside a selfie on the hospital ward, she wrote: “Happy Days….. today I have been officially discharged from treatment for my infection. So this should be my final selfie from the ward for a while.

“I didn’t want to post too many details on here until I knew what was going to be the outcome. Thank you to everyone who has sent me get well soon msgs, cards and gifts.

“I had a kidney infection that spread to my blood leaving me being treated for Sepsis.

“It’s been a pretty rough time but I’m so happy to finally feel better, extremely grateful to all the NHS staff who helped me fight this infection. We are so lucky to have this system.”

Of course, people were quick to flood Katie with a number of well wishes, with Fearne Cotton exclaiming: “So much love to you Katie xx”

While Ashley James wrote: “Oh babe. I had sepsis end of last year off the back of a kidney infection too. Sending you so much love. I hope you feel better soon.”

And Maria Fowler gushed: “So glad you are feeling better.”

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