Kelly Clarkson Reacts to Being Compared to Fellow Daytime Host Ellen DeGeneres

In a new interview, the ‘Because of You’ singer also talks about her divorce from Brandon Blackstock, adding that she opts not to read reports about her on media.

AceShowbiz -Following the big success of “The Kelly Clarkson Show“, Kelly Clarkson has come up one of the most popular daytime hosts despite being new in the scene. Many compares her to Ellen DeGeneres and Kelly has finally addressed the matter in a new interview.

“No one can take over for Ellen,” Kelly told The New York Times. Referring to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show“, which is set to end with season 19, the “Since U Been Gone” singer added, “It’s an iconic show.”

The mother of two added that much like her singing career, comparing her to other successful women that came before her was never right. “I’m never going to be Whitney Houston — I’m never going to be Cyndi Lauper, Reba or Trisha or [Mariah Carey],” she noted during the interview. “I’m going to be me. I think that’s fine. There’s room for everyone at the table.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the singer also talked about her messy divorce from Brandon Blackstock after 7 years of marriage, adding that she didn’t read reports about her. “It’s supply and demand,” she said of media reporting about their divorce. “People demand it, so they supply it, unfortunately. I’m not mad at it. But I don’t have to subscribe to it.”

The interview also saw Kelly reflecting on her career which kicked off after she won the first season of “American Idol“. “We were on TV all the time. Doing random things — being interviewed, interviewing other people, doing skits,” Kelly said of her days on the NBC singing competition show. Of being on camera constantly, the “Because of You” hitmaker said, “I don’t really feel pressure from that. That can be scary for other people sometimes, like, Oh God, what’s she going to say?”

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