Kim Kardashian Bites Back (Literally) After Being Called Out By Fans For Not Eating In Viral Ad! Look!

Kim Kardashian is having her say!

The 41-year-old reality TV star was called out by social media fans last week after it appeared she wasn’t actually eating the food in her new ad campaign for Beyond Meat. On both Instagram and Twitter, users mercilessly mocked the 41-year-old celeb for appearing to (not so subtly) avoid biting into the plant-based offerings that were shown on the screen in her ad push!

But now, it turns out Kim was actually eating the food, even if it didn’t necessarily look like it with Beyond Meat’s finished video product! And we know that because none other than the SKIMS mogul herself popped back up on IG on Tuesday afternoon to prove to the world that she really did bite, chew, and swallow! And we watched it ALL!

Kim took to her IG Stories on Tuesday to reveal a series of new videos showing behind-the-scenes and previously-unreleased content from her plant-based commercial work. In one of the vids, the Kardashians star takes off the top bun of a Beyond Meat burger, and explains that she’s “getting rid of some of the carbs” before chowing down on the scrumptious-looking patty.

Along with it, she wrote “guys, come on” in the caption of the clip — you know, to let the haters know she really was watching their reactions and is disgusted by them! LOLz!

As you can see (below), Kanye West‘s ex-wife also shared other vids from the shoot showing her eating a variety of other foods while on set, first with that aforementioned burger where she called out the critics:

Love the sass!

Then, there was a combo order — pun intended!

Kim proved definitively that she gorged on tacos AND chicken nuggets while filming:


Finally, Kim went in on some Beyond Meat-branded plant-based sausage, too:

Well then! Seems pretty convincing to us!

Of course, as we noted in our previous reporting on the world’s reaction to this ad campaign, this entire controversy is a GREAT advertisement for the folks at Beyond Meat. It’s free publicity on top of their ad buy with Kim — because everything she does draws attention! And good or bad, it all works when it comes to getting the brand name out there. Right?!

What do y’all think about it though, Perezcious readers?! Sound OFF about Kim’s Beyond Meat re-do with your take on her response vids down in the comments (below)!

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