Laura Hamilton will never forget tree trunk legs jibe from Dancing On Ice’s Jason Gardiner

Laura Hamilton looks back at insult Jason Gardiner gave her

Laura Hamilton, 38, wowed Dancing On Ice fans with her incredible moves and tricks, which led her and her skating partner Colin Ratushniak to the ITV show’s grand finale in 2011. However, the A Place In The Sun presenter has now admitted one particular comment from notoriously tough former judge Jason Gardiner, 49, played on her insecurities about her legs during her time on the programme.

When quizzed on her relationship with the Australian choreographer, who left Dancing On Ice in 2019, Laura explained that although she “quite liked” him as a judge, she wasn’t happy when he compared her legs to “tree trunks” following one of her performances. 

The star said: “I quite liked him, even though there were times when he sort of said things and I thought, ‘Oh that’s horrible’, I did really like him.

“He says it as it is and there was a comment that I will always remember sticking in my mind about my legs being like tree trunks or something.

“And it’s the one thing that I have always hated about myself, my legs – they’re quite muscly.

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“So when he said that, it did hit home – it’s one of those things that I’ve always hated.”

Fortunately Laura revealed her ability to be thick-skinned helped her following Jason’s swipe.

She added: “But ultimately you have to be thick skinned, you just have to take it.

“It was him, it was what he said, and I didn’t hate him for it, it was like, ‘Okay, move on’.”


Laura also acknowledged that the Mr Nasty persona was part of Jason’s character as a judge on the reality show, so she tried not to take his crueller comments too seriously.

She continued during a Facebook Live chat with the Daily Star: “And that was his role.

“He had to play that character and I think he did it well, but deep down he’s a lovely person.

“And actually, all credit to him for being able to do that because I think to take on that role when you know people are going to boo you, that’s quite a hard thing to do.”

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Laura then admitted she still struggles with disliking her legs, but hopes her love of fitness will help with her insecurities.

She divulged after discussing her passion for keeping fit in lockdown: “I hate my legs at the moment.

“But I know I have to do something about it.”

It comes after the Channel 4 favourite reflected on an agonising injury she suffered during the first week of rehearsals.

Speaking on her new Instagram series, Birds With Baggage, the mum-of-two chatted with her co-host La Voix.

She explained: “In week one during training, I took a chunk out of my left leg. It was with the pick of my ice skate.

“I was turning around and took a nick out of my leg. That wasn’t the best.”

Laura added: “And my left ankle swelled up like a potato. Every week you were in pain somewhere.”

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