Lil Uzi Vert's Pink Diamond Is Bigger and More Expensive Than Jennifer Lopez's Pink Diamond From Ben Affleck

Celebrities really do move differently. Whether it’s Kanye’s $750,000 gold-plated toilets or Jerry Seinfeld’s $700,000 Porsche 959, how A-listers handle money is different from how the rest of the world does it. There are those for who the phrase ‘diamonds are forever’ will always ring true.

With that in mind, today, we’ll attempt to answer the question — how much are you willing to pay for a pink diamond?

J. Lo vs. Lil Uzi Vert

If you’re a millennial and know Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Jenny from the Block,’ first of all, kudos to you. However, not unless you’re a fan-fan, you probably don’t know that Ben Affleck is in the music video. There was a reason for this.

They were in love and were affectionately known as ‘Bennifer’ in media circles. Affleck proposed during the Fall of 2002, in November, and more specifically, with a pink diamond engagement ring.

The piece was the work of celebrity jeweler Harry Winston. It’s an understatement saying Jenny-from-the-block loved the gem; after all, she wore the 6.1-carat beauty at the massive premiere of the couple’s movie, Gigli.

The couple separated in January 2004, but almost two decades later, the couple stunned fans by once again rekindling their romance. Raffinijewellers reveals the stone was priced at $1.2 million; it’s worth nearly $12 million now, according to the Independent.

Lil Uzi Vert’s situation couldn’t be more different. North-Philly’s resident celebrity acquired his 10-carat, $24 million pink gem as an accessory piece. Naturally, the whole world was in disbelief, and the reactions were extremely varied on social media.

When talking to Fat Joe over a conversation he had on Instagram Live, he said the reason for embedding the pink rock on his forehead was to keep it from getting lost because of the kind of lifestyle he leads.    

How do these other famous pink diamonds compare?

Lil Uzi and J. Lo possess exquisite rocks, but they’re hardly the only A-listers fond of pink diamond sparklers. Mariah Carey and Anna Kournikova also have pink gems worth mentioning, and like Ms. Lopez’s, they are both engagement rings.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey broke the internet in 2008 when they announced their nuptials. Cannon made an honest woman of Carey in style. The world got to see the rock for the first time in TIME’s gala celebrating the ‘100 Most Influential People in the World.’

Diamond World states that the 17-carat pink diamond was crafted by Jacob and Co. jewelers and was valued at an eye-watering $2.5 million. 58 smaller hot-pink diamonds surround the 10-carat center stone.

Anna Kournikova, the Russian pro tennis player, is one-half of the Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova power couple. The Spanish crooner declared his love with a massive 11-carat pink pear-shaped diamond.

According to Weddingsutra, this $5.4 million valued stone came from the diamond mine in Argyle, Western Australia. It’s a unique area with the diamonds mined there boasting a rich cognac and champagne color.  

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s got the biggest pink diamond of them all?

While the pink diamonds already discussed are valued at some astronomical figures, they are nothing compared to the rarest pieces. CNN reports that a 15.81-carat diamond by the name of ‘The Sakura’ broke the record for the priciest pink-purple ever to be sold at an auction. It was valued at 226 million Hong Kong dollars or $29.29 million USD.

The previous record belonged to a 14.83-carat pink-purple stone known as ‘The Spirit of the Rose.’ This ultra-rare diamond was sold for 24.4 million Swiss francs (around $26.6 million) on a Wednesday evening in Geneva.

Before it was unearthed, it previously called a mine in the northeast of Russia, home. Its name came from a 1911 Russian ballet by the name ‘Le Spectre de la rose.’      

Australian Diamond Brokers reports of a pink diamond that’s out of this world. The Martian Pink belonged to the US jeweler Harry Winston and was sold in 1976, the year the US of A first sent a satellite in Mars. This 12-carat piece was sold in 2012, in Hong Kong, at a whopping $17.4 million. 

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