Megan Fox's Monochromatic Outfits Secretly Tackle About 6 Trends at Once

At this point, Megan Fox could wear a potato sack and we'd probably think, "Hmm, should we give that a try?" In recent months, the actress' fashion choices (which often come courtesy of her stylist, Maeve Reilly) have been both attention-grabbing and inspirational, whether she's convincing us to wear fluffy slippers outside or fully dressing like a Barbie. She's actually become one of our go-tos when we're trying to figure out how to wear the latest sexy trend — partly because she's able to pull off about six at once.

We're not really exaggerating, either. When eyeballing Fox's latest monochromatic looks (of which there have been a few, so that's a solid trend righ there), we took note of all the different details that were worked into each. For instance, her bright blue outfit above was slightly oversized and fringed, including a crop top and fuzzy bag, while her all-red ensemble featured a paper clip cardigan, cutouts, a tiny bag, and strappy metallic heels.

Incorporating styles like these keeps a one-color look interesting and fun. Why wear a button-down and a basic pair of pants when you can spice things up with corset top, invisible straps, bold shoulders, and some intense footwear? Case in point, this:

Fox is also a fan of coordinating with her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly for date night, but even when she's sticking with the color black, her look is never boring. Back in June, the star played around with another monochromatic look, adding leather must-haves like a cropped jacket and a tiny mini skirt, and rocked a bralette as a top. Once again, her heels were a highlight, too; rather than slipping into classic pumps, Fox went with a super cool clear pair that really stood out.

All this to say, Fox is clearly someone to continue to watch and rely on for ideas — especially as fall 2021 rolls around, with a whole new group of tricky trends to try.

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