Michelle Heatons doctor says shes lucky to be alive as she reflects on rehab journey

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Michelle Heaton's doctor has said that she is lucky to be alive as she looks back on her recovery from alcoholism.

The star appeared on Lorraine to talk about her struggle with alcoholism a couple of weeks ago but made another appearance whilst having a chat with her doctor who helped her through the situation.

During the programme her doctor told her that she was lucky to be alive due to how serious the alcoholism got.

Dr Niall Campbell, Consultant Psychiatrist at The Priory said: "This time last year you were in a terrible state physically, I don't quite know how you were still alive.

"Your liver function test was terrible, you had alcoholic hepatitis you were heading towards cirrhosis, that's permanent.

"One of the enzymes that we measured Gamma GT should be about 50, yours was 2053."

Dr Campbell mentioned that Michelle's alcoholism got even worse after she went through a preventative hysterectomy and double mastectomy.

The singer was diagnosed with the BRCA2 cancer gene when she was 33, meaning she had an 85 per cent chance of developing breast cancer.

She had both breasts removed in 2012 and in 2014, after the birth of son Aaron, she also decided to get a hysterectomy — with surgeons removing her womb, cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes.

The star, 42 took to her Instagram before the National Television Awards to announce it would be her first red carpet sober after seeking treatment for her addiction battle.

She posted a photo of two of her dress options for the awards which she captioned: "She captioned it: "Tonight is our first red carpet event together in a very long time. I’m really nervous and full of anxiety – I would drink on those emotions. But today I am not.

"Today I am 134 days clean and sober and I will be with my husband, my best friend and my rock @hughhanley who gives me so much strength. I’m so proud to be at the #ntas with @ok_mag flying the flag for those in recovery.

"For anyone who needs help with addiction, I can’t give medical advice, but I’d advise you to ask for help as it’s out there. I am eternally grateful that I did."

She then listed some websites where people can find help with alcoholism such as Alcoholics Anonymous and the NHS.

During her first interview with Lorraine she apologised to the host for previously appearing on the show after she had been drinking.

She said: "I wanted to say sorry to you before we begin because there were times when I drank before I sat on this sofa. And you trusted me and I did campaigns for you. I love you so much."

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