Model Reflects on Near-Death Leopard Attack: Im Lucky to Be Alive

German model Jessica Leidolph was horribly mauled by a 16-year-old leopard named Troja or Troy during a photoshoot in the Wangen area of Germany back on August 24, leaving her with severe facial injuries.

AceShowbiz -German model Jessica Leidolph is grateful that she has escaped death. The 36-year-old model has spoken out after being attacked by a leopard last month. In an interview with Bild, Leidolph shared that she suffered severe facial injuries as well as extensive lacerations to her body from the attack.

She also spent two weeks in a clinic because of her injuries. Additionally, the attack left her with three metal plates placed in the right side of her face. “I can’t put any weight on my left arm. The swollen half of my face feels like after a dental operation. I practice with chopsticks so that I can eat properly again,” the model explained.

“It was unfortunate,” Leidolph continued. Despite the near-death attack, the model pleaded to keep the animal, a 16-year-old leopard named Troja or Troy, alive. “[But] I am glad there was no request to euthanize the animal,” she said.

The horrible incident happened on August 24 at a refuge for show animals. Prior to a photoshoot in the Wangen area of Germany, Leidolph was given a safety briefing by Troy’s owner as the big cat was on a double leash. However, the leopard charged the model suddenly while she was sitting by a tree.

Of the attack, Leidolph, who is an outspoken supporter of animal rights, said that it “happened really quickly.” She recalled, “If the leopard had caught my carotid artery, it would have been over. When it happened, I thought, ‘It’s over now.’ I know that I was very lucky that I am still alive at all.” Her doctors agreed with her, telling the publication that Leidolph would have died if the predator bit her a second time as it might have torn her throat apart.

In addition to being a supporter of animal rights, Leidolph models with animals in calendars as well as on YouTube to raise awareness and money to find them permanent shelters.

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