Molly-Mae Hague reveals ‘scary’ diagnosis after mole removal

Molly-Mae Hague has received her test results after having a mole removed last month and admits the news was ‘not what she expected’. 

The Love Island star recently warned fans about checking their bodies for any changes after having a mole removed from her leg. 

She then revealed she had visited the hospital earlier this week and said she would discuss her health when she was ready. 

After receiving the test results, Molly-Mae wrote in an Instagram post on Thursday: ‘So about three weeks ago now I was advised that a mole I had on my leg needed removing. I had the procedure done within a few days.

‘Last week I received my results back and it’s safe to say they were not at all what I was expecting.’ 

She added: ‘I’ve been trying to process the information I received whilst being super busy with work and it’s not been easy.

The 21-year-old explained that she’s not able to reveal her full diagnosis until she undergoes further surgery but stated: ‘For now I’m just trying to stay positive.’ 

Molly-Mae continued: ‘I never thought at 21 something like this would happen to me and it’s very scary but all I know is that I absolutely need to share my story and what I’m going through to raise awareness of my situation. 

‘I’ll keep you all updated as much as I can, I’ve already received so many lovely messages from you guys and I appreciate it so much.

‘Your health must come first and I know this is something that some of my followers may have already gone through…. I’d love to hear from you guys.’ 

It comes after she told fans on Monday: ‘On way back from hospital. This week hasn’t been easy.’

In September, Molly-Mae shared a photo of her scar after having the mole removed and explained how she wanted to share her story after seeing YouTube star Emily Hayward’s story during a Stand Up To Cancer special. 

Emily died in 2018 after being diagnosed with skin cancer when she was 17. 

‘Obviously I’m so blessed that mine wasn’t cancerous, but it just made me so upset that like what does she do to deserve that? Who deserves that?’ Molly-Mae said after discussing Emily on Instagram. 

‘It is just the worst thing in the world. It’s just hard to comprehend for families that have to go through it, how much of a struggle it must be for people who actually deal with cancer. It just broke my heart watching that.’ 

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