Nicolas Winding Refn in Death Stranding: Who is actor playing Heartman

There is a lot of voice talent involved in the upcoming PlayStation 4 video game Death Stranding and it includes one of the top indie directors working today in a rare acting role.

Nicolas Winding Refn joins fellow director Guillermo del Toro to deliver voice performances in the open world action game.

What is Death Stranding?

Hideo Kojima is back with a new game that hits the PlayStation 4 in November. Most gamers know Kojima as the mastermind behind the hugely successful Metal Gear game series.

Kojima wrote that the world of Death Stranding is one where society has walled itself off into separate societies. It is up to the player to reconnect isolated cities and fragmented societies and try to rebuild the world.

The game has received a lot of press for its amazing cast of vocal talents involved. The lead character is portrayed by and based on Walking Dead star Norman Reedus (Daryl) and the antagonist is portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal).

Other huge names in the vocal cast include Léa Seydoux (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol), Lindsay Wagner (the original Bionic Woman) and directors Guillermo del Toro and Nicolas Winding Refn.

Who is Nicolas Winding Refn?

While most people know who Guillermo del Toro is based on his massively popular blockbusters like Hellboy and Pacific Rim as well as award-winning foreign language films like Pan’s Labyrinth, Refn is a more obscure director.

Refn enjoyed his largest mainstream success with the Ryan Gosling action thriller Drive in 2011. That movie received an Oscar nomination and was on many critics’ association best of lists.

It also picked up nominations for Best Film, Best Direction, Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Carey Mulligan) and Best Editing at the British Academy Film Awards.

Outside of Drive, Refn has mostly dealt with arthouse fare, including his 2013 Ryan Gosling film Only God Forgives and the polarizing horror movie The Neon Demon, starring Elle Fanning.

Nicolas Winding Refn was introduced in the new trailer for Death Stranding, which hit on May 29, as the character Heartman. Along with del Toro, Refn received “special appearance” credit.

Death Stranding goes on sale on November 8 for the PS4.

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